Oldies Music Lyrics

My Favorite Vinyl Record Oldies.

Sock hops, Friday night crusin' and those cool cars.

This page titled Oldies Music Lyrics takes you back to those "Lost in the Fifties" days and those wonderful old songs that currently receive very little, if any, radio play in today's fast paced digital world. 

Let me slow it down a little for you and ask you to return with me back in time to those great old songs we grew up with.

I still believe there is a place somewhere on your radio dial that takes you back to this very special time and place in history..

This first song is a remake of the original fifties tune and released as a country song in 1985 by Ronnie Milsap.

This Lost in the Fifties remake ended up song of the year and #8 on the adult contemporary charts.    

Oldies Music Lyrics - Why start with this song?

I started with this song because of the video and how close it relates to the fifties and one of my favorite Doo-Wop songs "In the Still of the Night" by the Five Satins.

I simply dragged it out of the eighties and put it in the fifties where it belongs:)

Lost in the Fifties - First girl friend, class rings and those cool cars.

The late 50s through the early 60s was filled with music that makes you feel good and smile. It takes us back to a simpler, more innocent time when cars, clothes, dances and friends were important. 

We enjoyed the break-up and make-up songs, the happy songs, the feel good songs, and vocal group classics... these songs sound even better today because they're timeless. 

Remember when your girlfriend accepted your class ring, it was so cool to go steady, and how everything felt so right slow dancing to "In The Still of the Night" by The Five Satins.

Enjoy this wonderful old song and relive the memories of those  teenage years.

Lost in the Fifties - In The Still of the Night  
Ronnie Milsap

Written by Fred Parris, Mike Reid, and Troy Seals

Close your eyes baby...follow my heart
Call on the mem'ries...here in the dark
We'll let the magic...take us away
Back to the feeling....we shared when they'd play

In the still of the night...hold me darling
Hold me tight...oh, shoo-doop, shoo-be do
shoo-doop, doo; so real...so right
Lost in the fifties tonight


These precious hours...we know we can't survive
Love's all that matters...while the past is alive

Now and for always, till time disappears
We'll hold each other...whenever we hear


In the still of the night, hold me darling
Hold me tight...oh, shoo-doop, shoo-be do

shoo-doop, doo; so real, so right

Lost in the fifties tonight...

Oldies Music Lyrics - Continue below with more great oldies.

When you click those links below imagine they're your favorite spot on your oldies radio dial. Take all the time you need, step back in time and listen to some solid gold coming out of that radio.

Here is another great duet version of this all time favorite with Lorrie Morgan and Ronnie Milsap.

Be sure to come back often to see all the new pages uploaded and the great oldies music you can read about and watch live videos,  just like the ones below.

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