Johnny Tillotson Oldies Music Lyrics

1960 Classic Oldie "Why Do I Love You So"

Johnny Tillotson at his best singing Why Do I Love You So at All About Vinyl

The Johnny Tillotson Oldies Music Lyrics to the song "Why Do I Love You So" was written by Clifford Rhodes and released in 1960.

This 4th recorded single by Johnny is another great song from a bygone era rarely heard on the radio today.

"Why Do I Love You So" has an early rock and roll/ballad flavor to it that many teenagers loved to dance to back in the day and Johnny delivers the song with a lot of feeling.

The backup singers support him very well without stealing the song away from him, as some backup singers will do.

Favorite Johnny Tillotson album.

You can't listen to this song without feeling nostalgic and remembering your teens. One of my favorite albums, witch also includes this song, is titled "Johnny Tillotson's Best," purchased over 50 years ago.

This album was his very first compilation album released in 1962. The price...$3.98.

The LP cover is a little rough as I remember playing this album a lot. The record itself also has some serious wear unlike most of my albums that are in very nice condition.

Johnny Tillotson enjoyed his greatest success in the early 1960s, when he registered a number of top Ten singles and also proved adaptable enough to score on the pop, country, R&B and even easy listening chart.

I never get tired listening to these wonderful old songs with simple lyrics and sing-a-long melodies. 

Johnny Tillotson Oldies Music Lyrics
"Why Do I Love You So"
Released in 1960
Written by Clifford Rhodes

Oooo - Oooo - Oooo - Oooo.......

My darlin' I have often thought of things we used to do
And now I sit and wonder why you're gone and left me blue
You said you'd never leave me, you said you'd never go

Oh my darlin'...why do I love you so
Oh my darlin'...why do I love you so

Oooo - Oooo - Oooo - Oooo.......

Is it because you stroked my hair when you were by my side
Or is it because of the tears you cried when your little puppy died

You said you'd never leave me, you said you'd never go

Oh my darlin'...why do I love you so
Oh my darlin'...why do I love you so

Oooo - Oooo - Oooo - Oooo.......

Top Ten song from 1959 - "Frankie" by Connie Francis

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This album ranges from Johnny's own compositions to his interpretations of such classics as Earth Angel and Pledging My Love. It is My favorite Johnny Tillotson album.

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