Best Oldies Cover Songs

Remakes of Favorite Oldies
Where the Best Version isn't always the First Version.

Some things are best left alone, like dark alley's, angry bees and anything in a pickle jar that is not immediately identifiable as a pickle.

Some may argue that classic songs should also be left alone, and I agree. However, some songs do turn out better with a different artist and new arrangement.

I have put together what I consider to be some of the Best Oldies Cover Songs, also commonly known as remakes. Some go back over fifty years and have stretched across different musical genres.

These are, in my opinion, the songs where the best version isn't always the first version. Could be that many have never listened to these artists cover the songs I have selected here as my favorites.

I don't consider all of them better than the original but I have picked out what I feel are the best of all the covers done on a particular song. These are my favorite oldies music lyrics and old country music songs from the last fifty years.

Some songs that I add to these pages will probably upset a few because many believe that nothing can top the original. 

Not So In My Vinyl Record World.

When most web sites list their Best Oldies Cover Songs very few, if any will list the songs I have included here.

Hank Williams wrote and recorded "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry" a song Elvis said was one of the saddest songs he had ever heard.

Quarterback Terry Bradshaw sang the song and I liked it enough to buy the 45rpm record back in the seventies, but my particular favorite cover of the song is by another artist and will be included on these pages.

Some will no doubt scream at the computer when I suggest that Jerry Lee Lewis' version of "Me and Bobby McGee" is better than Janis Joplin's version.

But remember her version was not the original, Roger Miller's was. She did an excellent cover and topped the U.S. singles chart with the song in 1971 after her death. When this song is mentioned the name Janis Joplin will generally come to mind.

And of course,  Jerry Lee being from Louisiana made the opening line fit perfect with his "Set the piano on fire" singing style.

"Busted flat in
Baton Rouge,
headin' for a train
Feelin' nearly
faded as my jeans"

Then I have Jody Miller's sexy version of Barbara Lewis' 1965 Baby I'm Yours. This one is another I like better than the original.

Best Oldies Cover Songs - Baby I'm Yours.
Who Had The Top Single?

I'll explain why I like this version better than the original on the Jody Miller page but consider this fact.

Even though the song was originally released in 1965 by Barbara Lewis, the song has been covered by Peter & Gordon (1965) Jody Miller (1971) Debbie Boone (1978) Tanya Tucker (1983) and Cher in (1990) and no one placed the song higher on the Billboard Hot 100 or Billboard Hot Country Singles than Jody Miller at #5 in 1971.

Barbara Lewis' original placed #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965, however it did make it to #5 on the Billboard Hot Rhythm & Blues Singles.

Barbara Lewis' version is still considered by many as the best just because it was the original. Really can't argue with that but when the guys hear Jody sing her version you might just melt in your recliner....

And of course there is the ever popular Duprees and "You Belong to Me." No fan of the "Duprees" will ever agree with me but I enjoy the Patsy Cline cover of this song over the original version. Again,  just my opinion.

Betcha never heard Sammi Smith doing "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye."  It was Sammi who had the #1 song with Kris Kristofferson's "Help Me Make It Through The Night."

She does this song proud and her background singers are my all time favorite. 

And what about Margo Smith taking one of Connie Francis' #1 songs and turning it into a number one country hit in 1978. Find out which one I like the best.

Classic Remakes by Famous Artists.

So, get ready and listen to my favorite Cover Songs from Ricky Nelson, Merle Haggard, Norah Jones, Billy Joel, Johnny Rodriguez and many others.

Which one of these artists do you think did their version just a little bit better than the original, if any?

Enjoy the following selections of my Best Oldies Cover Songs and feel free to contact me and let me know your favorite cover songs or what you think of my choices.

Best Oldies Cover Songs Special Side Note: After you click the links below simply use your browser back button (arrow) in the top left to return directly to this page.

More Best Oldies Cover Songs links listed below...Enjoy.

My favorite cover of "Baby I'm Yours - Jody Miller.

He's So Fine - Another Jody Miller Classic Cover.

"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - This lady does this song proud.

Me and Bobby McGee Jerry Lee Lewis style.

Over the Mountain | One of my favorite covers by Bobby Vinton.

"Don't Break The Heart That Loves You" | #1 cover by Country star Margo Smith.

Are You Lonesome Tonight - Norah Jones Elvis Tribute

Johnny Tillotson does this Hank Williams classic to perfection.

Devil or Angel | Bobby Vee took this one and made it his own.

Glen Campbell and Bobby Gentry's remake of oldies classic "All I Have To Do Is Dream."

Ricky Nelson cover of "I Will Follow You.

Billy Joel remake of the Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby".

Don't Worry Baby - Another great cover by Lorrie Morgan.

This lady adds the WOW factor to "I Can Hear Music".

"Workin' Man Blues" - Best Remake ever? It's my choice.

"That's The Way Love Goes" - Merle did the cover and made it #1

"You Belong to Me" - A Patsy Cline classic.

"Love Me With All Your Heart - #1 song in 1964."

Johnny Rodriguez at his best on this Eagles standard "Lyin' Eyes."

"Statue of A Fool" - A country classic remake from Ricky Van Shelton.

"Cowboy's Sweetheart" - Best cover ever, You decide.

"Dream" - Roy Orbison cover of this 1944 hit song.

"Soul Serenade" - My favorite cover of this King Curtis original.

Click on a photo or any link above for stories and the music of my very favorite cover songs.

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Ricky Nelson
I Will Follow You

Ricky Nelson's cover of I Will Follow You.

Ricky Nelson was just sixteen years old when he cut his first record in 1957. It set Ricky up for a career which would see him become a major Teen Idol, second only to Elvis during the 50s. Read more...

I Can Hear Music
Beach Boys Cover Song

This cover is simply incredible. Kathy's vocal is strong and true, such a beautiful collaboration with Kathy Troccoli and the Beach Boys. A really nice "Feel Good" love song.

Patsy Cline
You Belong To Me.

Patsy Cline songs are the voice of the average woman, the waitress at the diner, the counter girl at the all-night truck stop, or even the stay-at-home mom who stops to wonder what happened to all her dreams. Patsy Cline was their voice. Read more...

A Beach Boys Classic
"Don't Worry Baby"

What a treat, watching Lorrie Morgan and The Beach Boys sing together. A country voice with a sexy tone covering an old Beach Boys song hit the spot. Come with me...Enjoy

I Want to Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart.

Patsy Montana's cowboy song lyrics paints a different picture of a woman who wants to rope and ride and sleep out under the stars, just like her Cowboy Sweetheart. Suzy Bogguss does the song proud. Read More... 

The Locomotion Cover
Plus The Original

This song was #1 for Little Eva in 1962, and the cover version by Kylie Minogue was so popular it spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian singles chart. Listen to the original 45rpm recording and watch the best dance version ever!  Read more.

The Marcels
Blue Moon

Step back in time and relive those Blue Moon vinyl record memories with this unique cover of a Doo-Wop classic from 1961. You're gonna love this performance.

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