Over the Mountain
Oldies Music Lyrics

1963 Bobby Vinton #12 Cover Song.

Over The Mountain Oldies Music Lyrics at All About Vinyl Records.

Over the Mountain Oldies Music Lyrics was originally a #8 hit in 1957 for "Johnnie & Joe," an American R&B vocal duo from The Bronx.

The song was actually titled Over the Mountain, Across the Sea and reached #3 on the R&B charts that same year.

Bobby Vinton recorded the song in 1963 and the cover made it to #21 on Billboard Hot 100 and #8 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

Over the Mountain Oldies Music Lyrics - Bobby Vinton's career of cover songs.

Vinton was on the top ten charts continually throughout the 1960s.

I remember hearing "Mr. Lonely" (about a young man in the military far away from home) when I was in fact a young military man a long, long way from home in 1964 when the song was #1 on the charts.

"Mr Lonely" would be Bobby Vinton's last #1 song but he would continue to have Top 40 hits all the way through the mid seventies.

Vinton made quite a career out of extremely well done cover songs and in so doing he was immensely successful.

Following his cover of "Over the Mountain (Across the Sea)" Vinton released Blue Velvet the same year, his first #1 Cover Song.

Please enjoy this really nice cover song from 1963. The song was written by Rex Garvin who also sang harmony vocals on the original song and was credited as bandleader.

Over the Mountain oldies Music Lyrics
Written by Rex Garvin
Original recording - 1957 by Johnnie & Joe
Covered in 1963 by Bobby Vinton

Over the mountain...Across the sea
There's a girl...she's waiting for me

Cross over the river, beyond every cloud
She's passed the wind that's blowing loud
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

Tell all the sands and every blade of grass
Please tell the wind to let my love pass
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

Tell the moon up in the sky
Tell the birds that fly by
That over and over and over the mountain
My love waits for me

Into each dark and starry night
Oh, what a mystery that's sealed so tight
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

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