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Welcome to our Resource Links page. Here you will find websites that offer resources for areas covering music and information related to collecting vinyl records and all things retro.

I also add sites that I believe would be of interest and a benefit to my visitors.

I have selected some of my favorite vinyl record related links to help you find the best resources for your Vinyl Record collecting journey.

While Vinyl Record Memories is not directly involved with all of these sites, I do have a music association with some sites listed. 

I have personally checked into each of them and believe you will find them useful.

Helpful Resource Links for
Vinyl Record Fans.

The Original Country Doo-Wop Show!

Listen to my favorite Country Doo-Wop show Monday thru Saturday from  1pm to 3pm, all times Pacific.

DJ Ned Ward
turns music into memories playing yesterday's Country Favorites and the Classic Hits of the 50's and 60's Doo Wop style on the new and exciting KNCP Newberry Mix 107.3 FM.

You won't be disappointed.

Want To Build an Empire...
Try A Model Railroad.

My friend, Greg Warth, has everything you need to know about model railroading right on this site...from designing, planning, laying track, building scenery and structures, wiring and operating trains and lots of special effects that make it even more fun and exciting than you ever thought possible. And the information is Free. Learn  more...

Tom Port - He Claims To Have Better Records.

Would you pay up to $1,000.00 for this man's vinyl? Many do and on his website Tom acknowledged that many people find the ideas (and the prices!) on our website shocking. We're unique in that we're the only record dealers who base the price of their records on the quality of their sound. Learn more...

Tom Port Better Records

My Lyrical Life Journey
Marilynn Leahy

Her words are from the pure passion of enjoying the music and lyrics and writing about the life of a teenager growing up in the 1960s.

Marilynn Leahy: I have written this story partially based on my life, mostly combined with fiction. Call me musically eclectic. The songs that I've chosen to reference in this story are those that reflect the character's feelings or events in that moment in time. Get your copy of My Lyrical Life Journey here.

Lyrical Life Journey

Zamzar Logo

Zamzar is the perfect inexpensive solution to your online file coversion, successfully converting a wide range of different formats since 2006, including images, videos & sound, and supported 1100 plus formats. Learn more...

The Easiest & Quickest Way To Add Video & Audio To Your Website.  This is the only video service I use.  The main reason...I have experienced first hand how their customer service continues to be a top priority with their customers.


We specialize in Dual turntables and Dual record player repair restoration. Do you have a Dual that needs to be seen by the Doctor? Contact us and be sure to see our beautiful All-Chrome Dual turntable.

Collecting vinyl records 

The vinyl record collecting blog - with news about new vinyl record releases, vinyl record sales, this date in music history.

Ever thought of having your own website? I built Vinyl Record Memories "from scratch" with SoloBuildIt! Click below to find out more....

Visit the Golden Oldies main page.

Doo-Wop Classics - Original street corner sounds.

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One Classic After Another...

Thanks for an excellent musical experience. I found your website by accident and just kept enjoying one classic after another. Great job! Like yourself, I'm still enjoying my vinyl collection. We share many of the same favorite artists.

Regards, Jim Miles

Keeping Old Vinyl Music Alive.

Congratulations on an outstanding site. I am from old school. I was 13 when Rock & Roll erupted in 1955. I would literally run home from school to watch Bandstand every day. I lived outside Philly and grew up with all the Philadelphia music scene and its performers. Keep up the good work and I thank you for your time and effort in keeping the old vinyl music alive for us and future generations.

Bill Moore,
Lugoff, SC
Deceased 2020

Bill was our first newsletter subscriber.
Rest easy, my friend.

An Old Song &
A New Friend

"I don't usually contact doo wop article authors as I rarely find much value in the articles, but your article struck me as sincere, genuine and respectful."

Tom Sokira,
Producer, Audio Engineer
"In The Still Of The Night" (1956)

Read the story here...

How I Took A Hobby
And Created A Website About My Passion.

Working from home....Read my story.

Do You Know Something About Anything? A Hobby? A Passion? What Do You Know and Love?

Read My SBI Story.

The Old Record Business Returns!

This must-needed dictionary will help you understand the old recording industry. Bubblegum music, cherry pie, album cover art, ride a record, and other forgotten terms are revealed in "Spinning the Groove," the big book of old record business lingo, lore, legends, and trivia for vinyl lovers, record producers, and disc jockeys.

See All Randy McNutt books
in One location.

Celebrating The
All-Time Greats

"Where Greatness
Never Goes Out of Style"

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