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Featuring "That's Why I Love You" from 1975

Andrew Gold That's Why I Love You vinyl record memories from 1975.

This Andrew Gold Oldies Music Lyrics page is written about my very favorite song by Andrew Gold titled "That's Why I Love You."

A man with this much talent should certainly be entitled to more than this one simple page that I have provided and not just because I enjoyed one particular song of his more than his others.

Andrew Gold died on June 3rd, 2011 at the young age of 59 and is in my opinion, one of the most underrated artists of our time.

Songwriter and session legend Andrew Gold was a singer-songwriter, session musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, film composer, actor and painter.

Andrew's parents...Pure Gold!

When I say multi-instrumentalist these included: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, synthesizers, organ, flute, clarinet, trumpet, french horn, saxophone, trombone, mandolin, cello and a few others.

His mother, Marni Nixon, was the “ghost vocalist” for film actresses Natalie Wood (that’s Nixon voicing Maria’s songs in West Side Story), Deborah Kerr (Anna in The King and I) and she sang all of Audrey Hepburn’s parts in the Rex Harrison hit musical My Fair Lady.

Sadly, Marni Nixon, Hollywood's "invisible voice" died Sunday, July 24th, 2016.  She was 86. 

Andrew’s dad, Ernest Gold, wrote the score for the landmark film Exodus, for which he won an Oscar. I wonder if they both had something to do with Andrew learning all those instruments and then following his inherited talent.

Vinyl Record Memories.
Andrew Gold's many friends.

In 1973 he was invited to work with Linda Ronstadt. One of their best collaborations was her breakthrough album, "Heart Like a Wheel" (1974).

His guitar arrangement on “You’re No Good” was as exciting for me as when I first heard James Burton playing "Believe What You Say" on Ricky Nelson's #1 hit many years ago. It was also Ronstadt's first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Throughout the years, he played and/or sang on records and/or live performances with Carly Simon, Jennifer Warnes, Stephen Bishop, Nicolette Larson, Maria Muldaur, Neil Diamond, Barbi Benton, Juice Newton, Leo Sayer, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Karla Bonoff, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, and Don Henley.

He has written hits for Trisha Yearwood and Wynonna Judd.

Please continue below the video and allow me to tell you more amazing information about this multi-talented entertainer, Andrew Gold.

Andrew Gold Oldies Music Lyrics
"That's Why I Love You"

Written by: James Samuel Harris III, Terry Lewis and 
Nathan B Morris

I’m a robin sitting in a tree
Singing for you, darling, endlessly
Inspiration’s got a hold on me
And I don’t want to be set free

It’s the smile on your face
It’s your style and your grace
And that’s why, that’s why I love you

You’re a party with the lights down low
You’re my Friday night movie show
Love me tender on the radio
Just hold me tight and don’t let go

It’s the smile on your face
It’s your style and your grace
And that’s why, that’s why I love you

People fall in love and all too soon it fades away
But sweet darling we won’t fade
I will travel with you on down the line

It’s the smile on your face
It’s your style and your grace
And that’s why, that’s why I love you

Guitar Instrumental...

It’s the smile on your face
It’s your style and your grace
And that’s why, that’s why I love you

It’s the smile on your face
It’s your style and your grace
And that’s why, that’s why I love you

Andrew Gold has toured with The Eagles, played on records and toured with Jackson Browne, produced, wrote and sang/played on three 10cc tracks; played and sang on records and toured with James Taylor, produced singles for Vince Gill, and wrote and produced for Celine Dion; was second engineer on part of Joni Mitchell's Blue album.

Are you beginning to grasp my "underrated artist" opinion here? Please read on...

His rendition of the theme from the television series "Mad About You," entitled Final Frontier, was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996, giving him the distinction of being the first human voice to be heard on the surface of Mars.

The casual music listener or TV watcher might know Mr. Gold from one of his most popular hit singles “Thank You For Being a Friend”, but the tune was of course used as the theme for "The Golden Girls" sitcom.

I don't know if he was on facebook but what if you would have friended him on Facebook. Would you have been excited to send him the message “Thank you for being a Facebook friend"? If he was on facebook I'll bet he got that a lot:)

Andrew Gold Oldies Music Lyrics
"Thank You for Being a Friend"

The song Thank You for Being a Friend was my second favorite song by Andrew Gold so I decided to give Mr. Gold a second video spot on this page so everyone can see how talented he really was.

His performance in this video was in 2005 and he seems so relaxed and really enjoying himself.

And just look at all those cool guitars around the band stand area.

Thank you Mr. Gold for making the music of the 70s more enjoyable for me.

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