Jailhouse Rock Vinyl Memories

Elvis Presley 1957 Movie Classic.

Elvis Jailhouse Rock vinyl memories

The Jailhouse Rock Vinyl Memories, along with "Loving You" were the only two Elvis Presley recordings made in 1957 that became movies. These two and the 1958 "King Creole" have always been my favorites.

If you ever wondered why Elvis was so popular, watch this movie. He defines cool. The production of  the Jailhouse Rock Movie began on May 13, 1957, concluded on June 17, and was released on November 8th of that year.

Critics often down played Elvis' acting but he is nothing less than superb in this film. It really shows how gifted an actor he really was.

I could really care less what the Hollywood critics had to say about Elvis back then - and even today. They're always throwing cheap shots at Elvis' acting abilities.

But Hal Wallis, the producer on nine of Elvis' movies, including "Loving You" and "King Creole" said it best...

"An Elvis Presley picture is the only sure thing in Hollywood" - Hal B. Wallis.

Sadly the Elvis vinyl memories and  his many talents are often clouded over by the goofy so called top impressionists, and those silly trinkets some try to pass off as collectibles.

Jailhouse Rock Lyrics - Cool One liner's.

The Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock lyrics are pretty cool but the part where Elvis and his co-star, Judy Tyler, were involved in a kissing scene was one of his best lines in the movie.

She mentioned "Cheap tactics" after an unwanted kiss and Elvis simply replied....

"Them ain't tactics honey...That's just the beast in me."

Elvis' acting skills in this movie are on full display and the range of emotions he goes through from a happy-go-lucky laborer to a hardened ex-con was pretty amazing.

And the musical performances by Elvis are simply outstanding. The "Jailhouse Rock" number is one of the best choreographed and filmed dances ever and drew high approval from one of the movie industries best dancers. Read the facts below.

Jailhouse Rock Vinyl Memories - Interesting Facts

Elvis 45rpm original picture sleeve.
My original 1957 Jailhouse Rock EP (extended play) 45rpm Record.

The original 45rpm with picture sleeve on the left was purchased new but lost over the years during moves many years ago. The 45rpm picture sleeve and record on the right was also purchased new and remain in my collection today.

The dance sequence, choreographed by Alex Romero, drew applause from Gene Kelly, who just so happened to be visiting the set, and  is often cited as "Presley's greatest moment on screen".

AFI's list of the top 100 songs in American cinema has "Jailhouse Rock" listed at number twenty-one.

The Elvis Presley backing band in the film is his real-life band including Scottie Moore on electric guitar and Bill Black on stand-up bass. Both have been with Elvis since his beginnings in Memphis at Sun Records.

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote 4 songs ('Jailhouse Rock', 'I Want to Be Free', ' Treat Me Nice', and 'You're So Square') in 5 hours after their music publisher, under deadline, locked them in their hotel room.

Leading lady Judy Tyler never saw the premiere of this movie because she died in a car wreck July 3rd, 1957, less than three weeks after filming was completed.

Reportedly, Elvis refused to watch this movie because of Judy Tyler's tragic accidental death.

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