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A teen couple in the late 50s enjoying a jukebox Saturday Night!

The Golden Oldies Vinyl Record Memories is a nostalgia trip back to those "Lost in the Fifties" days and those wonderful old songs that currently receive very little, if any, radio play in today's fast paced digital world. 

Let me slow it down a little for you and ask you to return with me back in time to those great old songs we grew up with during the golden age of vinyl records.

I still believe there is a place somewhere on your radio dial that takes you back to this very special time and place in history. Can't find it? Then please join me, and I'll take you on a fun trip "Back to The Future."

This first song is a remake of the original fifties tune and released as a country song by Ronnie Milsap. It is Milsap's re-recording of his 27th number one record from 1985 "Lost in the 50s Tonight." Praised by fans and critics alike, "Lost in the 50s Tonight" remains one of Milsap's signature tunes. And after all these years its impeccable melody is still hard to fault. 

This Lost in the Fifties classic ended up song of the year and #8 on the adult contemporary charts.    

Golden Oldies Vinyl Record Memories
Why start with this song?

The Golden Oldies Vinyl Record Memories will surround you with songs that have been forever, "Lost in the fifties." Take a break, step back in time, and enjoy your favorite vinyl record memories and the great old songs we grew up with during the golden age of vinyl records.

Take your time, watch this well-done video below and how close it relates to the fifties and one of my favorite Doo-Wop songs "In the Still of the Night" by the Five Satins.

I simply dragged it out of the eighties and sent it back to the fifties, where I believe it has a better fit.

Lost in the Fifties - First girl friend, Class Rings and Cruisin' in those Cool Custom cars.

1951 Mercury Custom know as - Sundance - Dick Dean Custom. Carson top, 4 corner air ride, House of Kolor 7 stage custom orange paint, Chevy 350 engine, Neon underbody lighting & Cadillac wheel covers.The best rides send you places just by looking at them. Timeless colors and flawless customs return you to an era when steel and pearls ruled the roads.

The late 50s through the early 60s was filled with music that makes you feel good and smile. It takes us back to a simpler, more innocent time when cars, clothes, dances and friends were important. 

We enjoyed the break-up and make-up songs, the happy songs, the feel good songs, and vocal group classics... these songs sound even better today because they're timeless. 

Remember when your girlfriend accepted your class ring, it was so cool to go steady, and how everything felt so right slow dancing to "In The Still of the Night" by The Five Satins.

Enjoy this version of this wonderful old song and relive the memories of those  teenage years.  And be sure to visit the second video and, if you are below fifty, you just might wish you had been born a few decades earlier. 

Lost in the Fifties - In The Still of the Night  
Ronnie Milsap

Written by Fred Parris, Mike Reid, and Troy Seals

Close your eyes baby...follow my heart
Call on the mem' in the dark
We'll let the magic...take us away
Back to the feeling....we shared when they'd play

In the still of the night...hold me darling
Hold me tight...oh, shoo-doop, shoo-be do
shoo-doop, doo; so right
Lost in the fifties tonight


These precious hours...we know we can't survive
Love's all that matters...while the past is alive

Now and for always, till time disappears
We'll hold each other...whenever we hear


In the still of the night, hold me darling
Hold me tight...oh, shoo-doop, shoo-be do

shoo-doop, doo; so real, so right

Lost in the fifties tonight...

Classic Oldies Vinyl Record Memories 
Continue below with more great oldies.

When you click those links below imagine they're your favorite spot on your oldies radio dial. Take all the time you need, step back in time and listen to some solid gold coming out of that radio.

If you happen to be one of the golden oldies who grew up during this time you are in for a treat, because this site is designed with you in mind. Tap into those nostalgic feelings and revisit some of the same places you did as a teenager and rediscover a whole new love for them. 

If you are a young adult, a teenager, or a first time visitor, this site is also designed with you in mind. You have an opportunity to see what your grandparents experienced and what fun they must have had during their younger years. And you just might stop and think....WOW, what a great time they must have had surrounded by all this great music.   

Here's a great duet version of this all time favorite with Lorrie Morgan and Ronnie Milsap.

Be sure to come back often to see all the new pages uploaded and the great oldies music you can read about and watch live videos,  just like the ones below.

Mr. Cool - Dooley and his Pink Shoe Laces - Great Video

"Oh Little One" My Favorite Jack Scott song from 1960

Conway Twitty's only #1 Pop song from 1958.

Lonely Blue Boy - A Conway Twitty fifties favorite.

Remember the Locomotion? A special dance version.

"Why Do I Love You So" from 1960 by Johnny Tillotson

"Frankie" - A Favorite 50s Teen song by Connie Francis

"Darling Lorraine" - Don't miss this wonderful rare performance.

"Do You Love Me" - An exciting Live performance by The Contours.

"You Were Mine" An original classic by the Fireflies.

Venus - Frankie Avalon's signature song.

Love Me with All Your Heart - Really nice #1 song from 1964.

Let's sneak into the 70s with Two Andrew Gold Songs.

Roy Orbison with Daisy Duke in the classic "Pretty Woman".

Poetry in Motion | An American pastime - Girl watching

"Good Vibrations" - A Brian Wilson Live performance.

"Sukiyaki" - A silly name for a sad song

Country Roads - John Denver Live.

The Music of Veracruze - The Story of Labamba

"The End' - Beautiful Classic Ballad by Earl Grant.

Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel #3 song from 1978

What's Your Name - Don & Juan #7 song from 1962.

The Tennessee Waltz - 1950 Patti Page #1 song. 

Baby's Gone - A Gene Thomas original from 1963

Skip and Flip - "It Was I" from 1959. Dust the cobwebs from your memory - you're gonna love this rare old classic.

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - Our new Secret Agent.

Jimmy Dean Lyrics - "Big Bad John" a Country Classic

"Burgers and Fries and cherry pies," and drive-in movies on  moonlit nights.

American Graffiti - Is this the best teen movie ever?

Looking For An Echo - Doo-Wop icon Kenny Vance and the Planotones.

"Abilene" - Prettist town I've ever seen  - women there don't treat you mean.

"Tear Time" - Grab the tissue, ladies - Wilma Burgess sad song from 1967.

"Doo-Wah Days" - Country tune with oldies melody and lyrics.

Chuck Berry - "You Never Can Tell" from 1964. Two great videos.

Neil Sedaka Hits medley - Includes "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen."

"Short Shorts & Believe Me" - The Royal Teens.

"Runaway" - The remarkable Del Shannon Story.

"Party Doll" - The story and sounds  of these historically important figures behind this Rockabilly classic. 

"Eddie My Love" - Teen Queens '56 story about teen heartbreak.

My Boyfriend's Back - The Angels #1 song from 1963.

"Dream" - 1944 cover by Roy Orbison with words and music by Johnny Mercer.

Lonely Teardrops - A sad ending to the Jackie Wilson Story.

The Platters Greatest Hits - Only You & The Great Pretender.

The Chordettes
Lollipop & Mr. Sandman

If you lived and breathed in the fifties those songs of the past reminds us of our connection to innocence and the fabulous harmonies of these four pretty gals.

More than 60 years later, the emotional power of these two songs still resonates with listeners, and as a result, still remains current. Read more

Don't Break the Heart
That Loves You.

This haunting ballad is about a plea from a heartbroken teenager trying to understand why her boyfriend is going out of his way to treat her unkindly. Read more...

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Best Cover Songs - Are some better than the originals?

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Classic Doo-Wop Oldies - Looking For An Echo.

We practiced in a subway,
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Street Corner Music With Soul.

The Royal Teens
"Short Shorts"

Strut on over and check out this great 50s video.

A fantastic saxophone solo, an opening line wolf whistle and a cute girl struttin' around on stage screaming "We wear Short Shorts" gave the Royal Teens a #3 hit song in 1958.  Read their remarkable story.

"My Boyfriend's Back "
"You're gonna be in trouble."

This story reveals how an altercation between 2 teens resulted in a #1 song for The Angels.   Read the finger pointing story here.

Girl Group Favorites.

As countless broken-hearted teenage girls cried into their pillows, girl group records addressed themes of special importance to these young teenage  girls. Read more..

The Anthem of Doo Wop
"In The Still of The Night"

Many consider "In The Still of The Night" to be the anthem of Doo Wop oldies and it would be hard to argue that point giving the year the song was originally released, 1956. Read more.

Darling Lorraine

A remarkable true story and memories of this seldom played classic from 1959. Read the Darling Lorraine story.

The Locomotion Cover
Plus The Original

This song was #1 for Little Eva in 1962, and the cover version by Kylie Minogue was so popular it spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian singles chart. Listen to the original 45rpm recording and watch the best dance version ever!  Read more.

The Little Deuce Coupe Story.

How a "Little Deuce Coupe"
Became one of the Most Famous
Hot Rods in History. Learn more...

Poor Little Fool

Read why the songwriter claimed Ricky ruined her song and why Ricky refused to select a photo for the 45rpm single, the only one ever released without a picture of Ricky.  Read the story here.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress!

Come with me and I'll tell you how the story ends...

Make believe you're the FBI agent saving this "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" from that nest of bad guys. Check out this cool lady.

The Marcels
Blue Moon

Step back in time and relive those Blue Moon vinyl record memories with this unique cover of a Doo-Wop classic from 1961. You're gonna love this performance.

One Fine Day
The Chiffons

Wanna return to that feel good music era? Come with me and relive yet another great time in history when "One Fine Day" lit up the summer of '63.  Read more...