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Recorded in 1954, one of the first truly ultra-romantic ballads that struck the nerve of teens all across America.Jan-Feb 2016
Buddy Knox penned the original Party Doll verse when he was 15 years old.July 2016
Who wears short shorts great original video.April-May 2016
Starting around 1958, all-girl groups became more visible and started to hit the charts with regularity.August 2016
The Del Shannon Runaway Story.June 2016
The thrill of the hunt. Collecting Vinyl Records.September 2016

A teen idol is gone, the Big Band era, a famous kiss, and Chuck Berry turns 90.October 2016
Whipped Cream song facts, Leon Russell, The Marvelettes aged vinyl, and a Dave Clark Five Betcha didn't know history.November 2016
Why I love Vinyl Records, Connie Francis Love Letters, and interesting history on some favorite Christmas songs.December 2016

The Angels girl group sums it up. My Boyfriend's Back and you're gonna be sorry.January 2017
American Roadside Culture, Clothier to the King, and remembering those who left us in 2016.February 2017
A farewell to the Memphis Man, The Capris long road to #3, Rockabilly Queen, and famous guitarists from the Yard Birds.March 2017

Great session drummer, Earl Palmer.April 2017
Read about vinyl junkies in May 2017 newsletter.May 2017
Moe Bandy album cover art.June 2017

My original 50-year-old LP album.July 2017
Remembering Elvis.August 2017
Favorite Don Williams albums.September 2017

Roy Orbison sings Dream, a 1940s classic.October 2017
Can you believe it? Jailhouse Rock at 60!November 2017
Favorite Love Songs.December 2017

Finding the song name - Do the Bop or At the Hop.January 2018
Moe Bandy album cover art.February 2018
Beach Boys album cover art.March 2018

Best cover ever on this classic Soul Serenade. Beau Dollar & The Coins from Hamilton, Ohio.April 2018
Kathy adds a WOW factor to this Beach Boys classic.May 2018
Tumbling Tumbleweeds, I Remember my Cowboy Heroes.June 2018

Doo-Wop classic Tears On My Pillow.July 2018
A dreamy duet cover song.August 2018
The day the music died.September 2018

The 70s - Is this the last decade to be called oldies music?October 2018
Classic hits of the 70s, part 2.November 2018
Happy birthday Connie Francis.December 2018

The Stray Cats Built For Speed January Framed Album Cover Art.January 2019
The Stray Cats Rant n' Rave Framed Album Cover Art of the month.February 2019
Dim All The Lights and let this Disco lady shine...'cause she works hard for the money.March 2019

Donna is a good girl among bad girls in this 1979 classic double album.April 2019
I couldn't resist sharing this classic 80s record with 45rpm picture sleeve.May 2019
Sail away to Key Largo with this very special love story.June 2019

Moments in time. Remembering the original Doo wop classics.July 2019
August Vacation update.August 2019
Train songs and storiesSeptember 2019

Story behind the song, Save The Last Dance For Me.October 2019
Jukebox Day is celebrated in November. Read my Jukebox story.November 2019
All I Want For Christmas Is You! A Vinyl Record Memories favorite.December 2019

Musicians we lost in 2019.January 2020
Read about the Duke of Earl rare stereo LP from 1962.February 2020
Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session from 1985 live in London.March 2020

Remembring Merle Haggard, Buddy Holly and best of Brian Wilson.April 2020
The incomparable Little Richard blew the lid off the 1950s!May 2020
A favorite cover originally released by The Clovers in 1956.June 2020

Is this the best female cover of the song titled Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye?July 2020
Classic Girl Groups Vol 2 at Vinyl Record Memories.August 2020
Sleep Walk best cover by Jeff Beck at Vinyl Record Memories.September 2020

James Bond Album Cover Art, Southern Nights and Senior Prom Album Art.October 2020
November 25th is National Jukebox day and a return to the Philly Soul era.November 2020
Blue Bayou - Who does the best version?December 2020

Happy Birthday, Blue Suede Shoes, and a sing-a-long walk down memory lane.January 2021
Valentine's Day - A Tribute To Love & Passion, and some February dates to remember.February 2021
A Statue of A Fool near-perfect cover of this classic tear-jerker.March 2021

Middle Age Crazy, trying to prove he still can.April 2021
The Skyliners 1959 classic, Since I Don't Have You.May 2021
June 2021

This song released in 1973 was Ronnie Milsap's first country music success.July 2021
A forgotten country classic from 1976. Roy Head, The Door I Used To Close.August 2021
Golden Age of Vinyl RecordsSeptember 2021

Johnny Angel and a girl named Sherry highlight these two forgotten oldies classics.October 2021
November 2021
Santa delivering presents in his Cool 57 Chevy convertible.December 2021

Take me back to the fifties - Your special trip down memory lane.January 2022
Where were you in '62?February 2022
Will Oldies Radio Stop At The '70s?March 2022

Another teen idol has died.April 2022
Jerry Lee Lewis finally receives his due with induction into the 2022 Country Music Hall of Fame.May 2022
The Girl Groups - Who was first?June 2022

1977 - Elvis in Concert - Anniversary of his death.July-August 2022
Jody Miller covers He's So Fine.Sept-Oct 2022
Christmas gift suggestions:November 2022

Guitar icon, Jeff Beck, dead at 78.January 2023
Classic Jukebox Album CoversFebruary 2023
Gonna Get Along Without You Now - 1964March 2023

Jan and Dean Surf CityApril 2023
'55 Ford by The Refreshments BandMay 2023
Andrew Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!June 2023
Darling Lorraine vinyl record memories.July 2023
Girl Watcher - Our Favorite Ladies on Vinyl.August 2023
She Cave - Secret September hideaway for the ladies.September 2023
Jo Stafford - You Belong To Me.October 2023
Ricky Van Shelton Nov 2023November 2023
Christmas 2023December 2023
Ramblin' Man Framed Album Cover Art.January 2024
Toby Keith Cowboy classic, Should've Been A Cowboy.February 2024
Kenny Rogers Mar 2024 newsletterMarch 2024
Vikki Carr sings in Spanish...April 2024

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Memories, Memories

"Thank you so much for all the work you have done on these pages.  I found my way here, and spent the next two hours in absolute bliss. Memories, memories...thank you for rekindling them."

Bob Douglass,

One Classic After Another...

Thanks for an excellent musical experience. I found your website by accident and just kept enjoying one classic after another. Great job! Like yourself, I'm still enjoying my vinyl collection. We share many of the same favorite artists.

Regards, Jim Miles

Keeping Old Vinyl Music Alive.

Congratulations on an outstanding site. I am from old school. I was 13 when Rock & Roll erupted in 1955. I would literally run home from school to watch Bandstand every day. I lived outside Philly and grew up with all the Philadelphia music scene and its performers. Keep up the good work and I thank you for your time and effort in keeping the old vinyl music alive for us and future generations.

Bill Moore,
Lugoff, SC
Deceased 2020

Bill was our first newsletter subscriber.
Rest easy, my friend.

Love Your Comments!

"Just stumbled onto this site and decided to stay and visit for a while. You have it laid out so wonderfully. Easy to get around and love your comments. Thanks for my trip down memory lane. Really, really enjoyed it."

Priscilla Hernandez,

A Special Place To Visit.

Danny, great going with your site. I will be visiting often.  I have all of my dad's LPs and several of my own, so your site is of special interest to me.

Roy Webber,

A True Story...
"Darling Lorraine"

Danny, Great job !!!! I can't express enough how much my mother would have been so happy with your work on her song. As for myself and the rest of my family, we really appreciate your time & effort to let everyone who is interested in her song know the true story behind it.  Read more...

Thanx so much, Bob

An Old Song
A New Friend

"I don't usually contact doo wop article authors as I rarely find much value in the articles, but your article struck me as sincere, genuine and respectful."

Tom Sokira,
Producer, Audio Engineer
"In The Still Of The Night" (1956)

Read the story here.

Flooded With Memories...

Danny, I could not believe the content of your website. It is just amazing to recall so much we lived through just by checking out so many old posters & album covers.

Your site floods me with memories & reinforces my belief that it truly was a great time to be a teenager. Good work, Danny, please stick with it.

Sincerely Dale

"Duke of Earl" Homecoming

I just read your article on Duke of Earl/Vee Jay Records. My father was Randy Wood, President of Vee Jay at the time.

I'm doing some research on the company and am learning how influential Vee Jay was in shaping the future of music.  Nice to see your web page.

Michele Marotta
February 15, 2015

Read the Duke of Earl story.

A kind reply
From a grateful family.

Danny, I think you did a great job and my family enjoyed it as well. I have had some more time to go through your site and find it to be fantastic, and your personal story is great as well. 

You truly are a blessing to all of Us. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

Paul Giacalone

The song "You Were Mine" was written by Paul Giacalone. Read the story here.