Johnny Rodriguez Lyrics

Great cover of Eagles classic Lyin' Eyes.

This Johnny Rodriguez Lyrics page is a cool classic cover of the Eagles song "Lyin' Eyes" written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley. I consider Johnny's version the best cover on this song by anyone.

The song was a #2 hit for the Eagles in 1975 and Johnny recorded the song and released it on the album "Reflecting" in 1976.

The album made it to number eleven on the US Country charts and three songs off the album all made the top 5 but this really well done Lyin' Eyes cover song never got any real recognition.

Johnny Rodriguez Lyrics - Is this Johnny's Best Cover Song?

I love doing cover songs because there are some covers that are actually done better than the original artist or at least done as well. The really good covers are a matter of opinion, but I believe the covers I add on this site are good enough to change a few minds.

The producers change the arrangement, add different instruments and bingo, same song new sound.  These classic oldies music lyrics by Frey and Henley makes "The Eagles" an easy pick as one of the premier bands of all time.  

On this song the Eagles original recording is by far the best. Johnny took it, put a country twist on it, and turned it into the second best recording of this song I have ever heard. Again, just my opinion.

Johnny Rodriguez lyrics - Why the shorter lyrics?

The single version of the song is shortened quite a bit from the album version. Top 40 Radio in 1975 didn't usually play songs longer than 4 minutes so the runtime on the 45RPM label needed to be shorter.

This song has one of the better story lines and could be the reason this song is over five minutes long, but well worth the listen.   

Side Bar: Enjoy this Johnny Rodriguez video and take note that he did some re-arranging with the lyrics but I added the lyrics as they were written by Frey and Henley. 

Johnny Rodriguez - Lyin' Eyes
Songwriters: Glenn Frey - Don Henley
Released off album "Reflecting" in 1976

City girls just seem to find out early
How to open doors with just a smile
A rich old man...And she won't have to worry
She'll dress up all in lace and go in style

Late at night a big old house gets lonely
I guess every form of refuge has its price
And it breaks her heart to think her love is only
Given to a man with hands as cold as ice

So she tells him she must go out for the evening
To comfort an old friend who's feelin' down
But he knows where she's goin' as she's leavin'
She is headed for the cheatin' side of town

You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin eyes

On the other side of town a boy is waiting
with fiery eyes and dreams no one could steal
She drives on through the night anticipating
'Cause he makes her feel the way she used to feel

She rushes to his arms
They fall together
She whispers that it's only for awhile
She swears that soon she'll be comin' back forever
She pulls away and leaves him with a smile

You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide you lyin' eyes

She gets up and pours herself a strong one
And stares out at the stars up in the sky
Another night, it's gonna be a long one
She draws the shade and hangs her head to cry

She wonders how it ever got this crazy
She thinks about a boy she knew in school
Did she get tired or did she just get lazy?
She's so far gone she feels just like a fool

My, oh my, you sure know how to arrange things
You set it up so well, so carefully
Ain't it funny how your new life didn't change things
You're still the same old girl you used to be

You can't hide your lyin eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes
Honey, you can't hide your lyin' eyes

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