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This Johnny Rodriguez Dance With Me Lyrics page includes one of the prettiest waltzes you will hear on a country music song.

Dance With Me (Just One More Time) was also written by Johnny Rodriguez and made it to #2 on the country music charts in 1974.

When I purchased a vinyl album (titled My Third Album) in 1974 this song was the main reason, but after listening to the other songs on the album I knew Johnny Rodriguez was a special talent. 

The song has a beautiful melody and Dance With Me (Just One More Time) over the years has made it to the top of my list as one of my favorite songs by Johnny. 

Dance With Me Lyrics
(True Country Music Without The Fireworks.)

Johnny's smooth and easy to listen to voice and the way he blends the English and Spanish lyrics make his albums even more unique and refreshing.

The songs that made Johnny famous such as "Pass Me By", "Riding My Thumb to Mexico", and this wonderful country waltz can be listened to over and over again and will be just as enjoyable the 100th time around.  

Little did I know when I purchased this album that one of the fiddle players on this song was Johnny Gimble, a well known studio musician from Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gimble when I lived just outside Austin, Texas.

Take Your Lady By The Hand...

Listen to this great song while watching the video I have included. You can also sing along as I have provided the Dance With Me Lyrics for your enjoyment.

And while you're at it, take your lady by the hand, walk her to the dance floor, and ask her to Dance with you...Just one More Time.

Dance With Me (Just One More Time)
Written and recorded by Johnny Rodriguez

Here I am once again asking...You to dance with me tonight
Sadly pretending I'm happy...And God above only knows why

Dance with me once again darlin'...Though you no longer be mine
Soften the pains that are starting...Dance with me just one more time...

I know I made my mistakes dear...By telling you things that weren't true
Don't worry about being true dear...Can I have this last dance with you 

Dance with me once again darlin'...Though you no longer be mine
Soften the pains that are starting...Dance with me just one more time 

Dance with me once again darlin'...Though you no longer be mine
Soften the pains that are starting...Dance with me just one more time 

Dance with me just one more time.

I will be adding more Johnny Rodriguez songs, lyrics and videos so please bookmark this site and return often. 

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