That Kind of Fool Lyrics

From the 1975 LP album "Odd Man In"

Jerry Lee Lewis That Kind of Fool vinyl record.

That Kind of Fool Lyrics was written by Mack Vickery and released on Jerry Lee Lewis' Album "Odd Man In" that I purchased in 1975.

This is a classic barroom song Jerry Lee delivers with perfection.

Even though this song was never a top Country hit Lewis manages to pull every last drop of truth out of this song and makes it sound so appealing.

And I wonder how many of those old country "Roadhouses" still have this song on their Juke boxes today?   

I always believed Lewis was not given the credit he surely deserved for helping to break down barriers between country and rock-n-roll. 

In spite of the demands to only play his old hits in concerts, Jerry Lee turned to country in the late sixties and this allowed him the freedom to record whatever kinds of music he wanted.

That Kind of Fool - Should this song be given to all male politicians?

I will not discuss politics or religion on this website but if you listen to the "That Kind of Fool Lyrics" it may not be a bad idea to distribute a copy of this to each male politician prior to being sworn in.  Just my opinion. 

Please enjoy this song but take note of those sad country lyrics, about a man who just can't seem to make it home to his wife after too much booze.    

That Kind of Fool
Recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis
Written by Mack Vickery

Look at that fool, goin' home to his wife
Look at that fool, he never lays out all night

He doesn't know what it's like to be untrue
Wish I could have been that kind of fool

Look at that fool, have one drink then go home
Look at that fool, he's leavin' that woman all alone

Then go home to someone, who loves him true
Wish ol' Jerry Lee could have been that kind of fool

But I try, I can't do it darling
Not even for you
Woman, it's not that Jerry Lee don't love you
But there's just some things I can't do

Look at that fool, going home to his wife
Look at that fool, he don't lay out drunk all night

Go on home to somebody, who loves you true
I wish I could have been, that kind of fool

Ol' Jerry Lee should have been that kind of fool

Is This the Best "Workin' Man Blues" version Ever?

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