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"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"
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The Casinos lyrics for the song "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" was written by John D. Loudermilk.

The song became a Top Ten hit for The Casinos in 1967, reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This was pretty much after the end of the doo-wop era.

Will anyone ever record songs like this again?

A Beautiful song with perfect harmony and words you can actually understand, make sense and have a meaning.

"Sweeten my coffee with a morning Kiss...
Soften my dreams with your sighs."


Time has made this song even better. A Classic vinyl record.

The original group was from Cincinnati, Ohio, led by Gene Hughes. After leaving the group, Gene Hughes became a country music promoter.

He died in 2008 at age 67 following complications from an automobile accident.

The Casinos Lyrics was written by
John D. Loudermilk. Is this the best cover?

The song has been covered and released on albums by many artists including, Johnny Tillotson's version in 1964 on his album The Tillotson Touch. Andy Williams released a version in 1967 on his album, Born Free, The 5th Dimension recorded the song in 1973, but it was not released until 2004 as a bonus track on their The Ultimate 5th Dimension album.

Freddy Fender recorded the song in 1974 on his album, Before the Next Teardrop Falls, Perry Como recorded a version on his 1975 album, Just Out of Reach, and Glen Campbell recorded the song as a medley with Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds' Don't Pull Your Love. This song was a number 27 pop hit and went to number 1 on the Easy Listening chart in 1976. The medley also peaked at number 4 on the country chart.

Frankie Valli recorded a cover version of this song for his 2007 solo album of covers, Romancing The 60's, and Rosanne Cash recorded a live version at the Franklin Theater, Franklin, TN on March 24, 2016. This version appears on the Vector Recordings album "A Tribute to John D. Loudermilk".

For a live performance, this is as close to the original vinyl record as you will find. Even the organ player does just a fantastic job on this performance.

Enjoy this wonderful song and the Casinos lyrics provided...

"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"
1967 #6 song for The Casinos
Written by John D. Loudermilk

Kiss me each morning for a million years
Hold me each evening by your side
Tell me you'll love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out...Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
Soften my dreams with your sighs
Tell me you'll love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out...Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

Organ solo...

If you must go, oh no, I won't grieve
If you wait a lifetime before you leave

Then if you must go...Mmm, I won't tell you no
Just so that we can say we tried
Tell me you'll love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out...Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

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