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Issue #102 - September, 2021.

In This Issue:

  • Another Visit To My Favorite Radio Program, Ned Ward's Country Doo Wop Show.
  • Both of The Everly Brothers are now gone.
  • Country Doo Wop Spotlight Song.
  • Framed Album Cover Art of The Month.
  • A Rock-n-Roll Timeline.
  • Cover Song of The Month - How High The Moon.
  • Forgotten Country Classics.
  • What's Next?

Vinyl Record Memories and
The Original Country Doo Wop Show.

Each month I give a little shout-out to my favorite radio program, Ned Ward's Country Doo-Wop show. My friend, Ned, airs his show from out Oregon way and if you tune in you just might hear Ned talk a little about Vinyl Record Memories.

Ned plays all my favorites and I know he will have some of your favorites too. Ned turns music into memories playing yesterday's country favorites and the classic hits of the 50's and 60's Doo Wop style. Listen in Monday thru Saturday from 1pm to 3pm, all times Pacific, on KNCP Newberry Mix 107.3 FM.

Let's get started...

Another Visit to The Country Doo Wop Show.

It was good to be back, August 26th, for a second round interview on Ned Ward's Country Doo Wop show.  Ned's producer, Mr "B" always comes up with a great playlist for the show. His playlist gives me ideas for some special pages I write on Vinyl Record Memories.  Ned led the way and ask me about the "Angel with an Attitude" page, which turned into another fun interview for me. 

After the interview and the discussion about "The Angel with an Attitude" I decided to add the album, "My Boyfriend's Back" as our Album Cover Art of the month. In addition, the album title song was set-up as a second "Spotlight Song." The Angels and the Everly Brothers Spotlight songs are both played regularly on Ned Ward's Country Doo Wop show.

Take a listen at these two memorable songs from the past...

Country Doo-Wop Spotlight Song.

The Everly Brothers and their song Walk Right Back at vinyl record memories.

Our Spotlight song for this month centers around a Jukebox classic with the Everly brothers center stage as we remember Don Everly who died this past month. 

Both of the Everly Brothers are now gone...January 4, 2014, we lost 1/2 of the Everly Brothers, Phil Everly.  Phil died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at a hospital in Burbank California, reported by his son Jason.

We Lost Don Everly recently on August 21, 2021. He died at his home. He was 84. No cause was given.

The brothers toured extensively with Buddy Holly during 1957 and 1958. According to Holly biographer Philip Norman, they were responsible for the change in style for Holly and The Crickets from Levi's and T-shirts to the Everlys' sharp Ivy League suits. Don claimed Holly to be a generous songwriter who wrote the song "Wishing" for them, while Phil later stated: "We were all from the South. We'd started in country music."

Phil Everly was one of Buddy Holly's pallbearers at his funeral in February 1959, although Don did not attend. He later said, "I couldn't go to the funeral. I couldn't go anywhere. I just took to my bed."

They had fantastic harmonies without the use of "Autotune." There is no substitute for real talent. Truly Rock Pioneers, but unfortunately, forgotten in today’s society.  For more information read our story, "Why has the vinyl record survived."

Framed Album Cover Art of The Month.

The Framed Album Cover Art this month also has a dual roll as our second spotlight song of the month.

In an age of digital downloads, another example why fans still love and need to love vinyl records. Between the mid-1960s and the late 1970s, the long-playing record allowed popular music to become an art form and changed popular music for ever.

However, it is the Album Cover Artwork that will be a constant reminder how good the music inside really is. Musicians could escape the confines of the three-minute pop single and express themselves as never before with glorious artwork and adorning gatefold sleeves.

The Angels LP shown below was purchased new. I added the frame and took this photo on 09-13-2021 so you can see the excellent condition of this nearly 60 year old vinyl LP. The record itself is also in excellent condition but I have replaced the record insert sleeve with an updated acid free paper sleeve.

My Boyfriend's Back vinyl LP at vinyl record memories.

This vinyl LP is an original September, 1963 release with catalog number MGS - 27039 on Smash Records - vendor Mercury Records Corporation. If you'll notice in the bottom right corner this original LP was issued as a monaural recording, not in stereo.

The song is featured in the 2006 Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys. The Angels version was used in the promotional trailers for the 1993 movie My Boyfriend's Back, but was not featured in the film itself. You can read about the "Angel with an Attitude" here.

A Rock-n-Roll Timeline
(When did Rock-n-Roll Begin)

The book you see below is a special one I recently added to my collection of Rock-n-Roll memorabilia.  You may be thinking, what's the big deal, it's just an old book. Read on...

This book comes with a CD and is a brilliant combination of music and the history of the early years of Rock 'n' Roll.

My wife and I were at a local garage sale and while I was looking at some items she walked across the street to another sale. I got back into the car and a few minutes later she handed me a book thru the open window and said, "Would you like this book"? She said it was $2.00 and the man told her he bought it new about ten years prior. I looked at the book and I was like a kid in a candy store.

The book is like new. It's as if no pages have been turned, the book is flawless, absolutely perfect. The CD added to the center of the book is playable, although it has never been removed from the book. The Kohl's sticker on the back reads $39.99. My wife said, "I have not paid the man do you want the book"? Really....for two bucks and a detailed  Rock-n-Roll timeline included.

Excerpts from the book...The Golden Age of Rock-n-Roll

Ask any music fan what was the first rock-n-roll record.  No doubt, many will say Bill Haley & His Comets "(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock." Some will say Jackie Brenston's 1951 hit, "Rocket 88." How about Lloyd Price's "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" from 1952.

According to "Muddy Waters" an American blues singer-songwriter and musician, it was all because the blues had a baby and they named it "Rock-n-Roll." But there definitely was not one defining moment when it all began. We could start with the 1922 Trixie Smith record "My Man Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll) but I'll start with 1949 for one simple reason, the 45-rpm record.

Let's begin with that year and excerpts from the book, The Golden Age of Rock-n-Roll and a break-down on a Rock-n-Roll timeline. The series will take us through 1962 with added entries in future newsletters. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss a single timeline issue. 


  • RCA introduces the 45-rpm vinyl record
  • Fats Domino records "The Fat Man"
  • June: The Race Records chart becomes the Rhythm & Blues chart in Billboard


  • The first jukebox that plays 45-rpm records is introduced.
  • March: Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats record "Rocket 88" with Sam Phillips in Memphis.
  • March: Les Paul and Mary Ford's "How High The Moon" enters the Billboard chart and also crosses over to the R&B chart because of Paul's dazzling guitar work.
  • July: Alan Freed's Moondog House on WJW in Cleveland  is a big hit.


  • March 21: Alan Freed's Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland, ends in a riot.
  • May: Lloyd Price's "Lawdy Miss Claudy" charts and gets to No. 1 on the R&B chart.


  • Leo Fender invents the stratocaster guitar.
  • April: "Hound Dog" by Big Mama Thornton tops the R&B charts.
  • May: "Crazy Man Crazy" by Bill Haley & His Comets enters the charts.

Best Cover Songs - Where the best version isn't always the first version.

Jeff Beck and Imelda May team up for a dazzling trip to the moon at vinyl record memories.

We've all been there. You hear a song, take it to heart and love it as your very own. And then comes the day you learn this special song you adore is actually something else, a remake or cover of the original recording.

As mentioned above in the Rock-n-Roll timeline, Les Paul and Mary Ford's "How High The Moon" entered the Billboard chart in 1951 and also crossed over to the R&B chart because of Paul's dazzling guitar work. Les Paul and Mary Ford were way ahead of their time.

On this cover, you also have dazzling guitar work from an amazing guitarist, Jeff Beck, along with Mary Ford sound-alike, Imelda May doing a tribute to Les Paul...with a perfect cover of the song. The words are rather dreamy and filled with unfulfilled longing, but the music is toe-tapping fun and happy. Enjoy...

I've come to realize that some songs do turn out better with a different artist and new arrangement, and have provided many examples on the Best Cover Songs pages.

Forgotten Country Classics.
(Come to Me)

This is a follow-up to the August, 2021 newsletter article about Roy Head and the two songs I purchased new in 1976 and 1977 on 45-rpm records. Both records should have made it into the top ten, and in my opinion, were number one songs. Listen to this 1977 Forgotten Country Classic, "Come to Me," and if you missed it, you can read the August article and listen to his 1976 song, "The Door I Used To Close"

I noticed on this 1977 song, "Come to Me," the record producer was listed as Jimmy Bowen. I was familiar with the name as I wrote a story about Buddy Knox and the song Party Doll. Jimmy Bowen was co-author of the song. Bowen went on to have major accomplishments as a record producer including one of Frank Sinatra's biggest hits, "Strangers In The Night." You can read more about Bowen on the Buddy Knox page.

Ever thought of having your own website? I built Vinyl Record Memories "from scratch" with SoloBuildIt! Click below to find out more....

What's Next?

The Year 1954 and beyond...

A new type radio is introduced to the public, Rock-n-roll is born, Elvis arrives on the scene, and a big name DJ hosts a Rock-n-roll party....and much more.

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Andrew Gold
That's Why I Love You

"It's the smile on your face, It's your style and your grace... And that's why, that's why I love you."

A man with this much talent
should certainly be entitled to more than this one simple page that I have provided and not just because I enjoyed one particular song of his more than his others. Check out his Guitar Riffs in this song.

The Marcels
Blue Moon

Step back in time and relive those Blue Moon vinyl record memories with this unique cover of a Doo-Wop classic from 1961. You're gonna love this performance.

Remember The

The Orlons doing the Wah-Watusi down on South Street.

Before they became the Orlons, they were an all-girl quintet called Audrey and the Teenettes.  The name Orlons was a tongue-in-cheek nod to the friendly rivalry they had with a popular group at their high school, The Cashmeres. Read their story here.

A Buddy Holly Love Song

This beautiful love song was recorded in the presence of Buddy's wife, and should be appreciated for the impact of this great song, and the love that inspired it. Read the story here.

Baby's Gone

Baby's Gone Story - True Vinyl Record Memories.

Didn't say goodbye, didn't tell me why, just left me here to cry, with nothing but a memory.

Read the true story behind this treasured memory.

The Fireflies 1959
"You Were Mine."

The true story of a teenage crush and how a young man was inspired to write his song about the girl he left behind. Read the Fireflies story...

Just The Way You Are

This song started it all for Billy Joel as he noted... "I dreamt the melody, not the words. It took me maybe two or three hours to write the lyrics. We almost didn't put it on an album. We were sitting around listening to it going... naaah, that's a chick song." Learn more...

An American Treasure

A Brian Wilson Classic - Good Vibrations.

Brian Wilson is an American Treasure and Good Vibrations is without a doubt one of  Wilson's greatest songwriting accomplishments. Read more...

Back To The Fifties
Burgers and Fires.

It was simple and good back then never thinking it would end. Cruising the drive-in restaurants where guys with duck tails met gals with pony tails. It was Burgers and Fries and Cherry Pies in a world we used to know.  Read the Burgers & Fries story here.

A Boy Named Sue!

Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue!

Some gal would giggle and I'd get red...
And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head...
I'll tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Sue. Listen to the rest of the story...

"Blue Suede Shoes"
A Rockabilly Session.

Hottest rockabilly ever performed in one setting!  Watch as Carl Perkins sings rockabilly songs with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and others. Read more...

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Will anyone ever record songs like this again? A Beautiful song with perfect harmony and words you can actually understand, make sense and have a meaning.  Read more.

The Chordettes
Lollipop & Mr. Sandman

If you lived and breathed in the fifties those songs of the past reminds us of our connection to innocence and the fabulous harmonies of these four pretty gals.

More than 60 years later, the emotional power of these two songs still resonates with listeners, and as a result, still remains current. Read more

Best Train Song Ever?

The City of New Orleans is a well-written train song with a beautiful message. If you love the song you probably like trains. If you like trains, this song is sure to delight you. Come with me and Ride That Train.

Doo-Wah Days
Mickey Gilley

Time just skipped away
in our doo-wah days

Read about Mickey Gilley's Classic cover songs.