Connie Francis Song Lyrics

"Don't Break the Heart That Loves You"

Connie Francis sings Don't Break The Heart That Loves You.

This Connie Francis song lyrics page is about my very favorite #1 song from 1962, "Don't Break The Heart That Loves You."

The song was written by Benny Davis and Ted Murry and was released in January 1962.

This ballad is about a plea from a heartbroken teenager who is trying to understand why her boyfriend is going out of his way to treat her unkindly.

The song ends with her begging him not to break her heart, and is another classic song where Connie possess that little "cry" in their voice that is so familiar with many of her songs. 

You just have that feeling that she believes every word and you can sense her passion as she pours her heart out in this wonderful early 60s teen heartbreaker

The Billboard Hot 100 dated 31 March 1962 ranked "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You" at #1, making it Connie's third and final chart-topper. This Connie Francis recording also went to number one on the easy listening charts.

My personal thoughts on Connie Francis.

For me Connie Francis represents nostalgia, an increasingly bygone time of innocence. Her natural talent and beautiful voice have brought joy, not only to me, but to so many others, from teens to my senior friends and to the troups in VietNam.

Her dignity and musical legacy will always insure her a place in the hearts of those millions that her music has touched. God bless you dear lady for all those wonderful musical moments you shared with me during my teenage years.    

I hope you enjoy this Connie Francis Song lyrics page as much as I enjoyed writing it.

"Don't Break The Heart That Loves You"
Written by Benny Davis and Ted Murry
Recorded by Connie Francis

Don't break the heart that loves you so...

Don't break the heart that loves you...handle it with care
Don't break the heart that needs you, darlin' please be fair
Why do you flirt and constantly hurt me
Why do you treat our carelessly

You know I'm jealous of you...and yet you seem to try
To go out of your way to be unkind
Sweetheart...I'm begging of you...don't break this heart that loves you
Don't break this heart of mine

Darling, please don't hurt me...Please, don't make me cry
I don't know what I'd do if you'd ever say goodbye
Remember I love you so much...and love's life's greatest joy
Please don't break my heart like a child breaks a little toy

Sweetheart...I'm begging of you...don't break this heart that loves you
Don't break this heart of mine

Don't break this heart...

Connie Francis Song Lyrics - Song becomes #1 on country charts in 1978.

I purchased a country cover of this great song on a 45rpm vinyl record in 1977 (WBS 8505) and still have the record in perfect condition.  The record was recorded by country singer Margo Smith.  Her version featured a saxophone solo where Connie spoke the lyrics. 

Margo's remake was released in December 1977 and topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart at #1 in February 1978. 

The song also crossed over to the Easy Listening chart but unlike Connie's crossover only peaked at number forty. I enjoy both versions very much but the one by Connie I grew up with will always be my favorite. 

Listen to Connie sing this favorite Spanish Love Song

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