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Issue #091 - September 30, 2020.

In This Issue:

  • What's New?
  • Sleep Walk - Who Does The Best Cover?
  • "You Belong to Me" Vinyl Record Memories.
  • 1966 - A Hot New Ride With Some Good Vibrations.
  • Session Players - Rock and Roll's Best Kept Secret.
  • "Since I Don't Have You." Remembering  Jimmy Beaumont
  • What's Next?

The Original
Country Doo-Wop Show!

Listen to my favorite Country Doo-Wop show Monday thru Saturday from  1pm to 3pm, all times Pacific.

DJ Ned Ward
turns music into memories playing yesterday's Country Favorites and the Classic Hits of the 50's and 60's Doo Wop style on the new and exciting KNCP Newberry Mix 107.3 FM.

You won't be disappointed.

What's New?

A haunting Sleep Walk instrumental steps back in time with a perfect cover of this Santo and Johnny vinyl record memories classic from 1959. Is this cover better than th original?....You decide.
A Patsy Cline page update re-visits my favorite Patsy Cline cover of the Dupree's 1962 hit song, "You Belong To Me." Patsy does this song proud and several have written telling me they have not heard this beautiful version by Patsy Cline. A video treat for all Patsy Cline fans.
Two classic events happened in 1966. Ford and Hertz rental announced the beginning of their win-win situation when 1000 Ford Mustang GT350H rentals  would be available to those members of their Rent-A-Racer program. That same year Brian Wilson introduced the world to "Good Vibrations," a song that is without a doubt one of Brian's greatest songwriting accomplishments.
The Wrecking Crew: These dedicated musicians brought the flair and musicianship that made the American "West Coast Sound" a dominant cultural force around the world. It takes a very special kind of musician, one with incredible talent, versatility and inspiration, to bring a song to life. Few have what it takes to achieve the perfection of chart-topping, memorable recorded music.
I remember Jimmy Beaumont and the classic "Since I Don't Have You," from 1959.

Let's get started...

A "Sleep Walk" Cover Faithful to The Original.

Jeff Beck and Sleep Walk at vinyl record memories.

I often mention how much I love cover songs and have included a section on vinyl record memories for my cover song favorites.  Some cover songs out shine the original and of course, "Sleep Walk," has deep ties with the Latino community. The Jeff Beck version is very faithful to the original.

The song is played during a heart-wrenching scene at the end of the 1987 "LaBamba" movie as the vehicle procession enters the cemetery for the funeral and final resting place of Ritchie Valens.

The original by the Farina brothers, Santo & Johnny has stood the test of time. For those of you who missed this perfect cover of "Sleep Walk," you are in for a treat. Enjoy...

Another Classic Cover by Patsy Cline.

Patsy Cline does a cover of You Belong To Me from her last album, Sentimentally Yours.

We all love "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, and many consider this, along with "I Fall To Pieces" her signature songs, but my equal to those two is her style of singing on the song "You Belong to Me."

Her #1 song, "She's Got You," is another that will tug at your heartstrings. "You Belong To Me" was recorded on Patsy's last album, "Sentimentally Yours," on August 7th, 1962.  Eight months later at age 30, Patsy Cline would die in a plane crash. 

Read the Patsy Cline story and learn about the famous group doing backing vocals on many of her songs. 

1966 - The Shelby Mustang GT350H is born and Good Vibrations is the #1 song.

A Hot New Ride and some Good Vibrations...What a combination for the year 1966!

Imagine this: More than five decades ago, in the summer of 1966, you're flying into LA Airport for a week's worth of business meetings. After grabbing your bags you walk out to the curb and see the Hertz shuttle that will take you to the rental counter for the treat of a liftime....a week long rental of a 306hp Shelby G.T. 350H.

To have lived this fantasy, you would be at least 79 years old now. At the time, you had to be at least 25 years old and a Hertz Sports Car Club member in good standing to participate in the Hertz Rent-A-Racer program. The cost was $17.00 a day, plus 17 cents a mile. Today, those numbers adjusted for inflation calculate out to $140 a day and 56 cents a mile. Still seems like a bargin more than five decades on.

Good Vibrations comes with this 1966 Ford Mustang GT350H at vinyl record

The program had its genesis in the fall of 1965, when Shelby American General Manager, Peyton Cramer approached Hertz to offer the 1966 Shelby G.T.350.

While most Mustang enthusiasts think the Hertz Sports Car Club started wit the G.T. 350H, it actually started in 1963 when select Hertz locations in the Denver area rented out 1963 Chevrolet Corvettes---327/Power-glide models---some with snow tires and ski racks...WHAT....on a Corvette!!!

Cramer's program found favor with Hertz, and both the Ford Motor Company and Shelby American, along with 1000 Shelby Mustang's saw it as a win-win situation. Shelby Mustangs were also very competitive against the Corvettes in SCCA competition.

An American Treasure.
Brian Wilson and Good Vibrations.

Brian Wilson and Good Vibrations at vinyl record

Continuing with A Hot New Ride and some Good Vibrations, I believe Brian Wilson is responsible for some of the finest recordings in rock history and to call Brian Wilson one of the most influential composers of the last century would simply be an understatement.

The "Good Vibrations" production is reported to have been completed in seventeen recording sessions at four different recording studios in order to capture the sound Brian heard in his head.

As you watch this video enjoy Brian's band, The Wondermints, perform what we have come to expect with anything Brian Wilson is associated with, total professionalism.

"The Beach Boys" first million seller is listed at number six on Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

What did Beatles producer, Sir George Martin,  think of Brian Wilson? It may surprise you. Learn more...

Rock and Roll's Best Kept Secret.

The Wrecking Crew; The Story of Rock and Roll's best-kept secret - Paperback.

This is an update on a Session Player article from several years back.

I have been following Session players for some time and as I write stories about my vinyl record memories I have come to know some of the top Session Players in the music industry. The very best musicians under pressure who always seem to come through on a moments notice is the Session Player.

Session players arrive at the studio knowing little or nothing about what they will be asked to play. They are given either cryptic notes or complex musical instructions on how the music should be played. In a matter of minutes, they create music that will be played and replayed for years. Sometimes decades. I like to show my appreciation for their remarkable talent whenever I can.


A group of musicians are in session at Western Studios in LA. The musicians now known as the Wrecking Crew are working on a song called "Help Me Rhonda." In a matter of hours they will figure out the stellar instrumental parts heard on that track. When Rhonda shoots to Number One, the Beach Boys are hailed as great musicians. But their sold out concerts don't sound much like the records they make. And no wonder.

The Wrecking Crew performed on all the Beach Boys biggest hits. Brian Wilson requested these players after hearing the magic they created on Phil Spector productions like "Be My Baby," "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "He's a Rebel."

You may not know that Glen Campbell was one of rock's greatest session musicians. You have probably heard his guitar on many a hit song, even if you didn't know it. Campbell played with the famed "Wrecking Crew." He played guitar on Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night," Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas," The Hondells' "Little Honda," Shelley Fabares' "Johnny Angel," The Monkees' "Mary, Mary" and the entire Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds," among many others.

Session players are responsible for hundreds of hit songs over the decades. Remember "Return to Sender" by Elvis? Boots Randolph was the Session Saxophone Player on that song. He also played on many other recordings including the Johnny Cash "Orange Blossom Special" along with Session Player Charlie McCoy on Harmonica. McCoy was also the Harmonica player on Roy Orbison's "Candy Man."

Session player Floyd Cramer (Last Date fame) played on many of Elvis' hits, including the piano solo on "Heartbreak Hotel." That was also Floyd playing on many of the Patsy Cline hits, including the classic "Crazy."

Another well known Saxophonist, Steve Douglas, worked with Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys and can be heard on records by Duane Eddy, Aretha Franklin, Elvis, and Bob Dylan, among others.

If you have a musical talent and want to be a professional musician I would look into becoming a Session player at a recording studio. Take this route and you will soon discover that Session players are the very best musicians. Stick it out and you too could someday be playing on a number one hit song.

Remembering Jimmy Beaumont.

Remembering Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners at vinyl record

Jimmy Beaumont, the golden-voiced singer of the Skyliners, died Saturday, October 7th, 2017, in his sleep at his home after a career that lasted nearly 60 years.

A humble and soft-spoken star, Beaumont, 76,  was lead singer on the 1959 classic, "Since I Don't Have You."

What's Next?

Vinyl Records selling as Art...

A recent addition to the James Bond Motion Picture LP collection reveals some beautiful artwork and, of course, an eyeful of those magnificent Bond Girls.  Stay tuned...

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Congratulations on an outstanding site. I am from old school. I was 13 when Rock & Roll erupted in 1955. I would literally run home from school to watch Bandstand every day. I lived outside Philly and grew up with all the Philadelphia music scene and its performers. Keep up the good work and I thank you for your time and effort in keeping the old vinyl music alive for us and future generations.

Bill Moore,
Lugoff, SC
Deceased 2020

Bill was our first newsletter subscriber.
Rest easy my friend.

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An Old Song & A New Friend

"I don't usually contact doo wop article authors as I rarely find much value in the articles, but your article struck me as sincere, genuine and respectful."

Tom Sokira,
Producer, Audio Engineer
"In The Still Of The Night" (1956)

Read the story here.

"Duke of Earl" Homecoming

I just read your article on Duke of Earl/Vee Jay Records. My father was Randy Wood, President of Vee Jay at the time. I'm doing some research on the company and am learning how influential Vee Jay was in shaping the future of music.  Nice to see your web page. Read the Duke of Earl story.

Michele Marotta
February 15, 2015

How I Took A Hobby
And Created A Website About My Passion.

Working from home....Read my story.

Do You Know Something About Anything? A Hobby? A Passion? What Do You Know and Love?

Read My SBI Story.

A kind reply
from a grateful family.

Danny, I think you did a great job and my family enjoyed it as well. I have had some more time to go through your site and find it to be fantastic, and your personal story is great as well. 

You truly are a blessing to all of Us. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

Paul Giacalone

The song "You Were Mine" was written by Paul Giacalone. Read the story here.

Read the true story of
"Darling Lorraine."

Danny, Great job !!!! I can't express enough how much my mother would have been so happy with your work on her song. As for myself and the rest of my family, we really appreciate your time & effort to let everyone who is interested in her song know the true story behind it.  Read more...

Thanx so much, Bob

Thanks for an excellent musical experience. I found your website by accident and just kept enjoying one classic after another. Great job! Like yourself, I'm still enjoying my vinyl collection. We share many of the same favorite artists. Regards,

Jim Miles, Germantown, MD

Key Largo
A Love Story

If there were ever a song with perfect lyrics that you just wanted to share with others and send back in time it would surely have to be the vinyl record memories of this  classic love song, Key Largo. Read this true story.

"Just The Way You Are"

"We almost didn't put it on an album. We were sitting around listening to it going...naaah, that's a chick song."   Billy Joel...

Song of the year and Record of the year in 1978. Read more...

Read the story and listen to my all time favorite by Billy Joel.

"Looking For An Echo" is street corner music with soul. A time when the ability to sing was mandatory. Read more...

"We practiced in a subway,
In a lobby or a hall
Crowded in a doorway

Singing "Doo-wops" to the wall"

Go to the Kenny Vance page to enjoy this wonderful song.

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