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Issue #063 - May, 2018.

In This Issue:

  • Before We Begin - A Tribute to Fallen Soldiers
  • What's New?
  • What Else Is New?
  • Beach Boys Concert.
  • Remembering Ricky Nelson.
  • Album Cover Art of The Month.
  • Cover Song of The Month.
  • Cowboys and Campfire songs
  • What's Next?

A Tribute to Fallen Soldiers
In The Arms of An Angel

This Memorial Day we honor those men and women - Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers who have laid down their life for our country.

Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

Despite the increasing celebration of the holiday as a summer rite of passage, there are some formal rituals still on the books:

The American flag should be hung at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day, then raised to the top of the staff. 

And since 2000, when the U.S. Congress passed legislation, all Americans are encouraged to pause for a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. local time. 

What's New?
New Name | Vinyl Record Memories

In 2010 I decided to build a website based on stories about my vinyl record collection and the memories they contain.  At the time I did not actually believe anyone would take an interest in the stories about those times I grew up in.  I was wrong...

Over the years I've received many emails expressing gratitude for my oldies music site. Many recalled memories of their teenage years and shared with me their special moments about growing up in the 50's and 60's.

From the Doo-Wop groups and artists who have contacted me and those who share with me that same wonderful time in history, I can say without hesitation, I believe we all grew up in the same neighborhood.  

So where am I going with this?  When I originally started this website I chose the name "Vinyl Record Memories" to fall in line with my stories.  However, the name was already registered to someone else so I purchased the current names, and

When the "vinyl record memories" name became available I registered the name and rebranded my site in May, 2018, with the name I originally wanted, "Vinyl Record Memories."

The site URL (web address) remains and will show that name in the address bar at the top of your page, but the name you see on all pages will now read Vinyl Record Memories. 

You can keep your current bookmark or replace it with (recommended). You will end up on the same website for both names.  This is mostly background stuff to comply with and insure search engines send you to the correct home page. Hope this helps for those who have written to me about the name change.

What Else Is New? A Simple Sitemap!

The Vinyl Record Memories Sitemap has also been updated for your convenience.  It is similar to the navigation bar on the left hand side of each page, however, it is a listing of all pages on this site in one location. 

The Sitemap page provides an overview of my site to help you find your way around and maybe help bring a few old memories within reach.

Remember...All pages that you enter by clicking on the left hand navigation bar will lead to more pages under each category.  

For example; If you click on the Golden Oldies category you will be taken to the main page under that topic and there will be more than 40 additional oldies links at the bottom of the page to choose from.  The sitemap is also located near the top of the left hand navigation bar.  You can visit the Sitemap here. (opens in new window)

Beach Boys Concert - What a Treat!

The Beach Boys concert this past May 11, 2018 was a Christmas gift from our granddaughter and her husband Luis. The auditorium where the concert took place is less than a mile from our home. And for all you football fans, Kurt Cousins attended high school across the street from where this concert was held.

I snapped this photo before the concert started. The nine piece band was fantastic with movie videos behind the band while they played all their hits. Mike love at 77 was sharp, entertaining and witty.

The wife and I had a wonderful time.  Our family is always doing something nice for the both of us. We are truly blessed to have such caring children around us. 

Happy Birthday Ricky Nelson.

Hard to believe Ricky Nelson would have been 78 on May 8th, 2018.  "Poor Little Fool" is, and always  will be, my favorite song by Nelson.

The song holds the distinction of being the very first number-one song on Billboard magazine's newly created Hot 100 chart in 1958 and spent two weeks at the number one spot.

Read my Poor Little Fool story and watch Ricky sing the song live in concert.  Find out why the single was released in a plain label-cut-out sleeve and remains the only Ricky Nelson single released by Imperial records without a photograph. Read the story here. (opens in new window)

Album Cover Art | Merle Haggard

Last month I made some special entries about April Birthdays and Deaths.  My online music buddy, Bill Moore, sent me a friendly note reminding me that I neglected to mention one of his favorite country music stars, Merle Haggard.

Since Merle is also at or near the top of my list, I decided to add one of my favorite Merle Haggard albums to my Album Cover Art of the month selection.  This is a live album I purchased in 1970, nearly fifty years ago, and still in excellent condition.

This is the album I first heard Merle do impersonations of Hank Snow, Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins. He was so good I thought they were all on stage with him. Be sure to visit all my Merle Haggard pages and listen to Merle sing all those country cheatin' songs.

Merle was born (1937) and died (2016) on the same day of the month, April 6th.  Read more about Merle here...

Cover Song of The Month - A Beach Boys Classic.

Seeing the Beach Boys live in concert a few weeks back made this song and easy selection for "Cover Song of The Month."  You're gonna love this classy lady. Kathy Troccoli's cover of  "I Can Hear Music" is actually a cover of a Beach Boys cover song.

The song was originally released by the Ronettes in 1966 and then covered by the Beach Boys in 1969. 

Kathy is a very popular contemporary Christian singer and this cover is simply incredible. Such a beautiful collaboration with Kathy Troccoli and the Beach Boys.

Watch Kathy sing this song with The Beach Boys singing backup.

In 1996 The Beach Boys re-recorded the song with Troccoli on lead vocals on the now out-of-print Beach Boys album, Stars and Stripes Vol. 1.

Get ready for some really great sounds from this talented lady.  Read the story, watch the video and sing along. Read more here...

Cowboys and Campfire Songs.

In the April Newsletter I told you about the lady who requested I add more pages and stories about real western songs like "Bandy The Rodeo Clown" by Moe Bandy and "I Want to Be A Cowboy's Sweatheart" by Suzy Boggus.

I contacted her and she said she did enjoy those type songs but was really looking for the true Western Cowboy songs where she pictured Cowboys singing around the campfire.

I told her I had something in mind and decided to kick off my Cowboy Campfire songs with "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" since I have an original 7 record boxed set of cowboy songs to choose from.

I will use a cover of the song by an artist who doesn't imitate any of the singers associated with earlier versions of these songs in terms of delivery or arrangements, but he does try to show true cowboy authenticity in his singing. I can assure you, he accomplishes that quite well. You're gonna love his version.

Again....Stay tuned.

What's Next?

In addition to Campfire Songs I will be adding the great Cowboy classic, "Amarillo By Morning," by George Strait.  This is a live video of the song performed in the last concert held at the Astrodome in Houston, and George is at his best. 

The whining fiddle arrangement played by Gene Elders on "Amarillo By Morning" will stay with you long after the song ends. 

Look for this song and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" in June 2018.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? 

If you have any favorite vinyl record topics you'd like to see on this site, please click here and enter your information in the contact form. I would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Danny Lee Sandrik
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