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Cars of Dreams at All About Vinyl

I believe life's better in a classic. Even better if you happen to own a dozen or even a hundred cool classic cars.  

I have a feeling you would agree, which is why I have created this special page of tail-fins and chrome based on my two favorite classic car collections. 

A place to share what it was like growing up in a time when beautiful classic cars were a part of every day life.

It was a special time when cars were transported to dealers by truck and also by rail, but at the time,  were completely covered from public view.  

This created excitement for the new cars coming to town and virtually guaranteeing dealerships a showroom full of customers. 

Cool Classic Cars - Hidden treasures behind papered showrooms.

I remember those days and what it was like to see showroom windows covered in to bottom.  It was a carnival like atmosphere during the build up to "Grand Opening" day. As a young boy I just loved it.  

The cool classic cars you see here belong to two separate owners and are two of the most awe inspiring and beautiful collections I have ever seen. 

The "Cars of Dreams" owned by John Staluppi and the "Okoboji Classic Cars Museum" (The Ultimate Man cave) owned by Toby Shine are obviously a labor of love for both men.

John Staluppi’s "Cars of Dreams" Museum is a private collection of classic vehicles located in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

The museum features a Coney Island theme and much of the memorabilia that is reminiscent of the iconic amusement park. 

The design features a beachfront boardwalk with a Carvel ice-cream store, Nathan’s restaurant, and the world famous Cyclone rollercoaster. 

John Staluppi's fabulous collection, which includes a historic full working carrousell, will be showcased first as it was completed prior to the "Okoboji Classic Cars Museum."

Each classic car museum is special in its own way as shown in the separate videos. Close attention to detail is the norm for both.     

Cars of Dreams - Read below what happened to John Staluppi's collection in 2012.

Today's cars certainly may be more efficient but they lack the style and elegance of those shown here. A special thanks to my friend Gary Ritchie from Fairfield, Ohio.

He provided me with a link to this great video and allowed me to go on a fantastic dream ride with the cars I grew up with. 

It should be noted that Mr. Staluppi's collection is only open for viewing two or three times per year...ONLY for Charity events. A wonderful example of a successful and caring individual giving back.

It's time to grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this wonderful "Cars of Dreams" ride into the past.

Cars of Dreams - The final chapter...or is it?

An update on the Cars of Dreams

In 2012 John Staluppi decided it was time for him to do something different.  He sold his beautiful Cars of Dreams museum and said he was going to build a whole new museum with a whole different atmosphere.

He said that people would come back and say "Yep...Staluppi did it again."

He did not say exactly what he was going to do but in due time we will all know. 

Watch the auction review video below and  appreciate the attention to detail that goes into the restoration process of these beautiful classic cars.

On December 1, 2012 over 110 automotive lots and over 60 memorabilia lots, sold for an estimated $11 million dollars. 

Toby Shine's Amazing display of Cars and Art - The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum.

Cruising is part of the American dream and growing up in the fifties and sixties with the right car was a ticket to Coolville.

It was a time when cars were judged by their tail-fins and chrome and beehive hairdos were all the rage.  

With all the chrome, tail-fins and squared appearance, cars looked like juke boxes.....They shared the image and emotion of music, the very music you hear on this site.  

The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum brings all this back to life in a detailed display of these beautiful automobiles from the past.  Click the link below for your half century trip back in time.  

Your gonna love the videos.   

The Okoboji Classic Cars Museum.

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