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Relive the Times, The Music, The Golden Age of Vinyl Records.

If there are no turntables in heaven, I'm not going!

For as long as I can remember, music has been my passion.

This site, all about vinyl records, reflects that passion for collecting vinyl records and albums.

I'll share with you the album content, the artists, their music, song lyrics, and why I believe vinyl albums are such a great piece of history to own.

I grew up in the fifties and sixties when Doo-Wop was at its peak.

We didn't realize we were making Memories, we just knew we were having  fun.

Fifty years later I still enjoy listening to Doo-Wop, Classic Rock, Country, Rockabilly and many other styles of music.

So...If you're a vinyl cover lover come on in, grab your favorite beverage, and pull up a chair...This could take a while.

Doo-Wop, cool oldies, rockabilly and classic country music.  Come with me "Back to the 50's" and relive all  those wonderful, carefree shooby doo-wop days.   

Here is where you can step back in time and relive old memories and where you were when these classic records were playing.

Sock hops, Friday night Cruisin' and those cool custom cars.

Remember the sock hops, school dances, American Bandstand, Friday night cruisin' and Drive-in movies. All these old memories will come to life as you read about and play the cool oldies music on these pages.

I'll cover my three favorite decades, the 50's, 60's and 70's when the golden age of vinyl records was at its peak. So close your eyes and come with me on a trip down memory lane.

To a place where cool 45's and LP albums were a part of life no one in today's digital world could fully understand.

A time when both classic rock albums and classic country albums were something you could hold in both hands, enjoy the artwork, and read all the information about your favorite artist.

Hard to do on a 5 inch by 5 inch CD.

Some double albums have photo's you can frame, and many have several pages of written information about the artist or band. Look for my cool page on the Little Deuce Coupe album.

The vinyl cover lovers and Hot Rod fans will certainly enjoy this page and the Little Deuce Coupe video

All About Vinyl Records includes Classic Doo-Wop groups from the past.

Remember how it all started with the classic street corner groups? Doo-wop was one of the most mainstream, pop-oriented R&B styles of the time. Now you can read how it all started, all the cool facts and watch videos at the same time.

Some groups and songs I write about I never heard when I was young, but what a neat discovery to hear some of these timeless oldies from talented Doo-wop groups you no longer hear on the radio. These pages will bring them all back so you can relive your favorite memories.

So let me share with you...

  • The Album content written on the back of my album covers. (My favorite part of owning a vinyl record album)
  • Artist biographies.
  • My favorite guitar players - You may not know all their names but all the great artists know exactly who they are. I'll let you in on all the legends they played with.
  • Rockabilly legends and my personal album collection favorites.
  • Rare collector cars I photograph with my albums.
  • Cool video clips and performances.
  • Song Lyrics to my favorite songs.
  • ...and a whole lot more!

Again, thanks for visiting. One more thing...This site, All About Vinyl Records, is written by a real person with a real passion for vinyl record albums and the memories they contain. Please return often.

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"Thank you so much for all the work you have done on these pages.  I found my way here, and spent the next two hours in absolute bliss. Memories, memories...thank you for rekindling them."

Bob Douglass,
Richmond, VA

"Just stumbled onto this site and decided to stay and visit for a while. You have it laid out so wonderfully. Easy to get around and love your comments. Thanks for my trip down memory lane. Really, really enjoyed it."

Priscilla Hernandez,

Thanks for an excellent musical experience. I found your website by accident and just kept enjoying one classic after another. Great job! Like yourself, I am still enjoying my vinyl collection. We share many of the same favorite artists. Regards,

Jim Miles, Germantown, MD

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The real "Little Deuce Coupe" story with a great video.

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Listen to the original 45rpm recording of "The Locomotion" and watch the best dance version Ever!  Click the Little Eva photo below.

Congratulations on an outstanding site. I am from the old school. I was 13 when Rock & Roll erupted in 1955. I would literally run home from school to watch Bandstand every day. I lived outside Philly and grew up with all the Philadelphia music scene and its performers. Keep up the good work and I thank you for your time and effort in keeping the old vinyl music alive for us and future generations.

Bill Moore (retired)
Lugoff, SC