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Doo-Wop Classics and Rare Videos.

Great Doo-Wop classics at All About Vinyl Records.

The Doo-Wop groups of the fifties and sixties made some of the most beautiful music in those two decades.

Groups emerged from the streets of northeastern and industrial mid-west cities like Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

And with smooth vocal harmonies this became one of the most mainstream, pop-oriented R&B styles of the fifties and sixties.

I can speak from experience because I was there. Not in Philly or the other cities, but Hamilton, Ohio where my parents allowed me to have an absolutely wonderful teenage life.

Classic street corner groups could make beautiful music without instruments...

Doo-Wop blends classic rhythm and blues with vocal group harmonies, street corner singers, and falsetto leads mixed with baritone and bass singers.

Add this all together and groups could easily simulate any musical instrument.

Having these old songs in our lives provides us with memories and connects us with the emotions and special feelings that let us "Remember Then" just like the 1962 hit performed below by Larry Chance and The Earls.

When you watch the video and check out the other oldies groups, take a few moments, drift back to a decade of your choice, and see if you can still remember all the good times and good music we enjoyed as teenagers in the fifties and sixties.

All the songs, memories and cool rare videos you will see on these pages were part of a life I would gladly return to...

Just like in "Back to the Future"...Life was good.

Be sure to come back often to see all the new pages uploaded and the really cool oldies music you can read about and watch live videos, just like the ones below.

Click on the links below for some great content and listen to the music we once enjoyed on those great old 45s and LP records.

The Duprees - Is this the original Duprees?

The Skyliners - A Favorite Classic with original lead singer.

The Casinos - "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"

You're My Coney Island Baby - A Special page for my New York visitors.

Tonight (Could Be The Night) Play this Song 1st and Get the Party Started.

Another Classic Doo-wop "Come Go With Me"

Cool 1957 oldies classic - Whispering Bells.

Blue Moon - #1 song for The Marcels in 1961 - Great video.

"Little Darlin" - The Diamonds 1957 Super Hit.

"Duke of Earl" - Gene Chandler's 1962 #1 song plus cool video.

Angel Baby - Rosie Hamlin's live performance 42 years later

Don & Juan #7 song from 1962 - What's Your Name 

The Five Satins - "In The Still of The Night" includes my Vinny Mazzetta story.

Looking For An Echo - Kenny Vance and the Planotones.

Sixteen Candles - Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge.

Earth Angel - The Penguins classic from 1954.

Cruise on over to my Oldies Music Lyrics page

My favorite Rockin' Remakes of the oldies

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Many consider "In The Still of The Night" to be the anthem of Doo Wop oldies and it would be hard to argue that point giving the year the song was originally released, 1956. Read more.

Go to Five Satins page | Listen to original 45rpm record.

Tucked between the 50s Doo Wop groups and the mid-60s British invasion was the phenomenon known as the Girl Groups.  Read More.

Girl Groups pages start here | Teen girl groups from the 50s to the 60s.

"Looking For An Echo" is street corner music with soul. A time when the ability to sing was mandatory. Read more.

Go to the Kenny Vance page to enjoy this wonderful song.

The "Marcels" were named after a popular hairstyle of the day. A great song, a great group and the live video will have YOU dancing in the aisle. Read more...

Go to the Blue Moon page and join in on the fun.

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