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Issue 004, December 8th, 2011...In this issue

---Favorite Christmas Album

---Remembering "Blue Moon"

---Cover Songs - Are some better than originals?

---Need a Christmas gift? Try these....

Hope your Thanksgiving went well. My grandson Michael came home from the Marine training center in California a few days after Thanksgiving so the whole family waited for him and we had our dinner the following Sunday.

As I said in the November Newsletter Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the family is all together, so we all decided to wait for Michael.

Elvis' Lost Christmas Album

I just can't believe that I have failed to locate my favorite Christmas album, Elvis' Christmas Album, recorded in 1957. I purchased the album new in 1957 and put it away because the cover was separating on one edge. Now I can't find it.

The album was #1 for four weeks and three million copies were sold during the original release.

Since that time the RIAA has reported that it is the best-selling Christmas album of all time in the United States.

If anyone finds my misplaced or lost "Elvis Christmas album" I would appreciate it if you would return it to me. I would be glad to pay for shipping unless you want to just send it as a Christmas gift:))

Latest Doo-Wop addition

I recently added The Marcels to my site. Surely you remember "Blue Moon" recorded back in 1961. I still have Elvis' 45rpm copy of his version of Blue Moon I purchased back in 1956. Badly worn, but it is an original.

The video of The Marcels is about as close to the original as you will hear in a live performance. And watch the audience in this video just having fun...

You can check out The Marcels Story, cool video and my other Doo-Wop oldies and videos just click here.

Are there any really great cover songs out there?

I'm collecting my vinyl records that I consider the best cover songs of the originals. Many people will not even consider a cover song worth the time to listen to but I love great covers and I got some I like better than the original.

Just check out Jerry Lee Lewis' version of Merle Haggard's "Workin' Man Blues" video and see what you think. just click here.

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Have a safe holiday...see you the first Wednesday of each month.


Danny Sandrik