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Issue 002, September 21, 2011...In this issue

---Cool oldies visitor helps correct error about saxophone

---Hey Danny, where's the Fifties-Sixties girl groups?

---Favorite movie musicals and movie songs on vinyl

---Rock-a-billy Hall of fame links to all-about-vinylrecords.com

---Jerry Leiber dies at 78 - wrote Elvis' most popular songs

---Rock-n-Roll "Hall of Shame"

---Oldies but Goodies birthday's

Cool oldies fan keeps my music page true

When I wrote my Del-Vikings "Come Go With Me" page I originally listed that cool Saxophone player as an Alto Sax.

Little did I know that there are actually some people who know the difference between an Alto and Tenor Sax. I have a buddy that plays an Alto Sax so I thought they were all Alto Saxophones.

When Mr. Bill R. from Virginia told me that his sister Kinny played Alto sax in the Wilson Memorial High School Marching Band when this song came out, and explained the difference in the two, I simply corrected the error...and was very grateful that Bill pointed that out.

Some may say who cares? I do...I care that Bill came to my site, watched the videos, then took the time to actually read my content and see the mistake.

I appreciate visitors like Bill.

Fifties-Sixties girl groups

Hey Danny....Where's the Fifties-sixties girl groups? The first to ask was my friend Ed down in Texas. He looked over my website, picked up the phone and said "Hey, where's the oldies girl groups"? Since then I've received several emails asking the same question.

Girl Groups were most popular from late fifties until around 1966. The first I can remember was the "Chantels" and their 1958 hit song "Maybe." The song was passionate and romantic and was as popular as most doo-wop ballads of the time.

There were many very cool girl groups in the early to mid-sixties but the one I can remember as the song that really "stuck" on me was a 1960 song by the "Shirelles" called "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." That song really kicked off the Girl-group era.

I've got a lot of good info already but I don't have that many Girl-group vinyl albums. I get a lot of correct dated information from my albums for content on the website.

Many girl groups had only one or two hits so this will take a little longer.

Favorite songs from movies and movie musicals

This will probably go up before the girl groups because I already have some good videos and albums on this subject. I think you may be surprised at the ones I call my favorites. There are some really great movie musicals from the past.

Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame

I was very happy to see that the Rockabilly Hall of fame had linked to my site with this small note - "site that contains many good articles" - You can view some of those pages and articles starting here.

Jerry Leiber, Prolific Writer of 1950s Hits, Dies at 78

Jerry Leiber, the lyricist who, with his partner, Mike Stoller, wrote some of the most enduring classics in the history of rock ’n’ roll, including “Hound Dog,” "Jailhouse Rock," “Yakety Yak,” "Searchin'" “Stand By Me,” "Love Potion #9," and “On Broadway,” died on August 22nd in Los Angeles. He was 78.

It seemed like every Elvis 45rpm record I purchased in the fifties had Leiber-Stoller listed as the writers.

Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Shame

Year after year The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame overlooks one of the best selling, most talented, internationally known female vocalists of all time - Miss Connie Francis!

How ridiculous is that? She remains my favorite female artist of all time.

Oldies but Goodies Birthday's

If you know these two gentlemen then you must be an oldie but goodie.

September Birthday's - Shaun Cassidy, 52 and Johnny Mathis, 76

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