Issue 006, February 7th, 2012

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Issue 006, February 7th, 2012....In this issue

---Rockin' Remakes update

---Rock and Roll Plane Crashes I remember

---Rockabilly Guitarists - I didn't forget!

---Roy Orbison sings to Daisy Duke!

---Vinyl Junkies may cringe seeing this site.

Best Cover Songs updated info

Finally got a few "Best Cover Songs" up and running. Really got some nice comments on the Jody Miller "Baby I'm Yours" remake of the old Barbara Lewis song from 1965.

Some, like me also thought this was a better version...maybe because it had that Country sound Jody was so good at reproducing when doing the Classic Oldies.

I've got four up and many to upload so keep checking back.

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If you want to check out Jody's song you can view it here.

Vinyl record stars lost in plane crashes

Over the years there have been plane crashes involving famous entertainers. These are some of the ones that stand out in my memory.

1. February 3, 1959, Clear Lake, IA - Fifty three years ago this month Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper all died in a plane Holly charted to take them to the next show.

2. December 10, 1967, Madison, WI - Otis Redding had just completed recording "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay," when he left to go on tour. His personal Beechcraft plane crashed into Lake Monona killing Otis and his pilot.

3. March 5, 1963, Camden, TN - My favorite female country singer Patsy Cline died after her pilot encountered bad weather and crashed in a nearby swamp after trying to land on a highway.

4. December 31, 1985, DeKalb, TX - Rick Nelson - Killed while flying to a New Year's Eve show in Dallas in his second hand DC3 Airplane.

5. August 27, 1990, East Troy, WI - Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed soon after he left an Alpine Valley Music Theater blues festival in Eric Clapton's private helicopter.

Great Guitarist left off Rockabilly list

I took a verbal beating (nothing mean) for leaving Eric Clapton off my favorite rockabilly guitarist list. First of all the list was only partial. Secondly, Eric was not known for being a Rockabilly guitarist.

Some pointed out that I show Clapton in the Carl Perkins and Friends video playing rockabilly. Yes...but that is not what he is know for.

He just happens to one of the best ever guitarists and can play anything. Look at those videos again. Carl Perkins is the true Rockabilly guitarist.

Roy Orbison and his Pretty Woman

In 1981 the "Dukes of Hazzard" invited Roy Orbison for a guest appearance on one of my favorite shows.

Roy sat at the bar and Daisy set ON the bar in her denim cut short shorts. Daisy provided some nice eye candy for Roy's perfect song "Pretty Woman."

If you want to see why Roy wears those dark glasses just click here.

Audiophiles - This lady Cuts up Vinyl Records for Profit!

Last month I read an article in a West Michigan paper about a woman cutting up vinyl records and making bookmarks, notebook covers, coasters, clocks and other craft items she sells on her website creating a demand for these unique products. I like the coasters.

Check out her site, the items are pretty cool and she runs her little business from home, which makes the business even better. Take a look just click here.

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