Issue 005, January 4th, 2012

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Issue 005, January 4th, 2012...In this issue

---American Bandstand - 60 years old in 2012.

---Favorite Cover Songs update.

---Visitor suggests a link page to send to friends.

---Preview of Favorite Rockabilly guitarists...

Is American Bandstand really 60 years old?

I was a big fan of American Bandstand and began watching it around 1957 when it went national. The show actually began in 1952 as a Philadelphia TV show.

Host Dick Clark says, "Had we used today's vocabulary in 1952 when Bandstand first went on the air, it would have been labeled a reality show."

Back then real kids danced to their music, dressed in their real fashions. It was an open window on a style of life that was, up until then, a mystery to most people. That open window on the teenage world stayed open for 37 years.

Update on current projects - Rockin' Remakes.

Last month I gave you a link to what I said was a better cover song by Jerry Lee Lewis than the original. I currently have about a dozen Rockin' Remakes that I am in the process of writing articles and making videos.

Please continue to check back so you don't miss out on some cool cover songs. I believe you will be surprised at the cover songs I come up with and some even finished higher on the charts than the originals.

If you know of any great cover songs you believe should be on this site click on the contact page at the bottom and let me know.

Special Link page - A suggestion from a happy visitor.

About a month ago Bob Douglas from Virginia contacted me and said he enjoyed my oldies site but it would be nice to have a page with links set up so it would be easy for him or anyone to simply send a link to a friend or family member to enjoy also.

As I knew this was something that I had put off because of the time involved I got busy and finished my "site-map" and uploaded it on 12-31-2011.

I did this for two reasons; The first and primary reason is that a visitor was interested enough in what he seen and read that he was willing to share the information on my site with others.

That above all else was the most important to me. You can view that completed sitemap here.

The second reason is that I was able to find a wonderful software program that made it easy for a non-techie like me to be able to build the sitemap in about twenty minutes.

If you are interested in that program there is a link at the bottom of the sitemap page, bottom right.

My favorite Rockabilly guitarists

In my first newsletter I wrote about a guitarist named Lonnie Mack that I seen back in 1961 at a local honky-tonk in Ohio.

When I complete my "Favorite Guitarists List" sometime in the next few months I'll go into more detail about Lonnie's style and how he became one of the better R&B guitarists known.

For now I'll briefly mention some of my favorite rockabilly guitarists and write a page on them later. I have little interest in what Rolling Stone magazine says about who is better and that most or all on my list don't make their list.

It's my list and my opinion only. I grew up with all of these artists with the exception of Brian Setzer but he's so damn good I refuse to leave him off my Rockabilly's best guitarist list.

I would have to put Carl Perkins at the top followed closely by Scotty Moore and James Burton. I would then add Brian Setzer and yes...George Harrison.

I have several more I'll add later and write pages about why I believe these rockabilly cats are my favorites. This will give some visitors time to send me their list of favorite Rockabilly guitarists.

Do you have some favorites?

If you have any favorite vinyl record topics you'd like to see on this site, Please Click here and enter your information in the contact form.

I'll respond withing 24 hours.

Have a great year...see you around the first Wednesday of each month.


Danny Sandrik