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Vinyl Records newsletter No. 16
February 27, 2013

Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter
Issue 016, February 27, 2013


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Vinyl Record Lovers

Issue #016, February 27, 2013

Welcome to my Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter and thank you for subscribing. I do appreciate the time you take to read my newsletter.

---What's new at all-about-vinylrecords?

---A 45rpm record player in a car?

---Interesting February dates in History.

---Gone but not forgotten.

---Just for Laffs

---Why Old Folks matter - My view.

---What's next for all-about-vinylrecords.

What's New at all about vinyl records?

The "Angel Baby" song finally went live last month and it was a special page because it was a requested song. The couple wrote and told me this was an "Our Song" request.

So for you Edward and Shirley, I sincerely hope you enjoy your Special song. And thanks for the request.

Another song turned into a special song for myself and for another reader, Bill Moore. I contacted Bill after viewing a video clip of him on a 2012 Carnival Legends Cruise singing a Frank Sinatra song.

I knew Bill was doing "Senior Dances" in South Carolina and mentioned the song "The End" by Earl Grant. I thought it would be perfect for him. Recently Bill contacted me and said the folks loved it. Good people like Bill doing nice things for folks makes the world a better place. Hats off to you Bill.

Ever seen a record player in a car?

Not a CD player, a 45rpm record player. In the mid-fifties the first 45rpm record player was installed in a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker.

The Record Player was called Highway Hi-Fi, originally produced for an auto manufacture, and was only sold to Chrysler Corporation.

From this February day in History

February 3rd

In 1959, at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper played their final show. Admission was $1.25. The last song of the night was the Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace." Sadly, it would be their last show.

The plane that carried the three took off at 1 a.m. on February 3, 1959 from Mason City Municipal Airport. Approximately 1:05 a.m., Jerry Dwyer, owner of Dwyer Flying Service could see the lights of the plane start to descend from the sky to the ground.

Added Comment - In 1986, Buddy Holly was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at it's inaugural ceremony. Other first inductees included Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, Little Richard and Fats Domino.

This is when Connie Francis should also have been inducted. Just my opinion but Connie has done way more for Rock-n-roll than many who are now in the Hall.

February 4th

In 1959, Frankie Avalon and Jimmy Clanton took over headlining the Winter Dance Party after the death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the “Big Bopper.”

In 1965, the Righteous Brothers were at #1 on the US singles chart with “You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.”

In 1971, at the RCA Victor Studio in New York City, John Denver recorded "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

February 15th

In 1958, Frankie Avalon scored his first US Top 10 hit when "Dede Dinah" reached number 7.

In 1961, Jackie Wilson (Lonely Teardrops) was shot by Juanita Jones, a girlfriend who had gone to his New York apartment to confront him about another woman. Although he managed to escape and make it to a hospital, Wilson lost a kidney and would carry the bullet that was too close to his spine to be removed, for the rest of his life.

February 21st

In 1958, the first Flying V guitar, by Gibson, was shipped from a factory in Kalamazoo, MI.

In 1980, Janet Vogel, who sang soprano for The Skyliners on their 1959, US number one hit, "Since I Don't Have You", committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. She was 37.

Gone but not Forgotten

We often don't remember those who remained behind the scenes over the years and some who created one hit wonders and were all but forgotten.

These are some of the men and women I remember who made the music we all take for granted that passed away in 2012.

Take some time and look over the list. You may not know who they are but you can now pay your respects to the men and women who helped make the oldies we all love.

Jan 1

Fred Miland - Second tenor backing up Dion in the Belmonts. (72, lung cancer)

Feb 13

Russell Arms - Featured singer on "Your Hit Parade" (one of my favorite shows) in the 1950s (92, natural causes)

Feb 22

Billy Strange, guitarist, songwriter and arranger. Performed on the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album, arranged Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" co-wrote Chubby Checker's "Limbo Rock." (81, brief illness)

Feb 29

Davy Jones - Cute one on the "Monkees" and out front on hits like "Daydream Believer" (66, heart attack)

March 28

Earl Scruggs - Half of the banjo playing bluegrass duo Flatt and Scruggs, mad big hit with "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" (88, natural causes)

May 17

Donna Summer - What else can I say about my favorite Queen of Disco (63, lung cancer)

May 20

Robin Gibb - Was big part of The Bee Gees trademark harmonies (62, liver and kidney failure)

June 4

Herb Reed - Founding and only continuous member of vocal group The Platters. (83, heart disease) The Platters have always been one of my favorite groups from the fifties and I will, in the future, have a page for their songs.

July 16

Kitty Wells - Country music's first female solo star. Big 1952 hit "It wasn't God who made Honky Tonk Angels" (92, stroke)

August 2

Jimmy Jones - Had two of my favorite early-Sixties pop hits "Good Timin'" and "Handy Man" (82, unknown)

September 7

Dorothy McGuire - Middle child of famous McGuire Sisters with 50s hits like "Sugar Time," and covers of black Doo-Wop hits "Sincerely" and "Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight." (84, Parkinson's disease)

September 25

Andy Williams - The "Emperor of Easy" and King of Christmas. I remember dancing to his "Moon River" at my high school prom in 1962. (84, bladder cancer)

October 24

Bill Dees - Roy Orbison's main songwriting partner, came up with signature riff, "Oh, Pretty Woman." (73, brain tumor)

November 7

Cleveland Duncan - Was the lead singer on The Penguins' super hit "Earth Angel." (77, unknown)

November 27

Mickey Baker - Better know as the "Mickey" half of Mickey and Sylvia of "Love is Strange" fame. (87, heart failure)

Just for Laffs

A small boy, visiting Capitol Hill with his father, asked him: "What does the Chaplain of Congress do?" "He stands up, looks at the Congress, and prays for the country," the father answered.

Why Old Folks matter - My view on Family, Friends & How I try to treat people.

I do believe there is difference in how older people are viewed today compared to 40 or 50 years ago. Sad but true many are now placed in homes and forgotten.

Quality care homes are fine and the best solution for many, but loved ones placed in these care centers should not be forgotten.

I lost my mom this month and my dad in 1975. My parents were very special people so I decided to tell you why they are so special and hope you may feel that your parents are also special and to remember them as they grow older.

What do I remember most about my mom?

It's hard when you lose a loved one but when you lose someone who was responsible for allowing me and my two sisters to have such a wonderful childhood and teenage life, it's hard to find words to express the sadness in that loss.

Betty Sandrik, my mom, died February 10th. She was 89. She was a good mother and her children mattered to her.

Growing up in Hamilton, Ohio in the fifties with my sisters would never have been the same if it were not for one cool lady, our Mom.

When most other mothers were hesitant to show open emotions, you Mom were the one "Teenage" mother on the block that found time to enjoy life with her kids, even though you were a few clicks past thirty at the time.

Our cool jitterbug mom could out dance anyone, including her three kids. When I would take the old 45rpm record out to the front porch it wasn't long before Mom was out there with us.

When there was a sock-hop, school prom or a game to go to, Mom was there to take us and pick us up as needed. She was always there for us.

My life has been happier Mom because you got us all started in the right direction during those early years and I will forever remember those special times.

My Special sisters and Mom's Special friend.

During the last four years (mom was in a home due to a stroke) my sisters had a schedule and would arrange to visit our Mom every day of the week except Wednesday. On Wednesday I would call her and talk as long as she wanted (I lived out of state).

Mom could walk, speak and recognize all three of us but she just could not see very well because of the stroke and began to fade in recent months with other medical issues.

My sisters, Mary Jane and Gloria, are the very reason our mother continued to stay with us as long as she did. She had lots of love and affection from her two daughters and I will always admire them for their daily support and care of our mother.

Mom had many friends and bowled for years and was a member of more than one championship team, but only one friend remained true to her word when mom was finally placed in a very nice assisted living center.

She told our mother she would not forget her. And she didn't...Her friend Wilma continued to call mom every single day for four years up until the day she passed.

My sisters and I deeply miss our wonderful mother and will be forever grateful that Wilma was there for our mother.

My Dad - The only hero I ever knew.

My dad was the only hero I ever knew. My dad admired players like Stan Musial (a baseball player with morals) as I did. I mention Stan Musial because he died this past January 2013 and I remember how dad enjoyed talking about Stan the man.

I may have called a player like Stan Musial my hero when I was very young but that quickly faded as many players over the years have become drug users, drunks and spend time in jail for various reasons.

And if they are well known the punishment is always light so as not to upset their fans. The sad part is our children admire these individuals because of the culture in today's world. Many parents allow children to believe this kind of behavior is Ok.

The daily bombardment of silly entertainment, violent hip-hop, and celebrity stupidity, has generated a rotting culture.

My sisters and I have not been perfect and mistakes have been made but our parents got us through the hard part when we were young and made it easier for us to proceed through life with what I believe is a simple message.

Treat people fair and everything else will take care of itself.

My dad was a B-17 combat crew member (Tail-gunner) during WWII. He flew 25 missions over Europe in five months in 1943.

He received The Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with 3 oak leaf clusters among other different Theater Ribbons during his time as a member of the 526th Bombardment Squadron.

The amazing part - My Dad was only 20 years old at the time. He died unexpectedly 32 years later when he was just 52 years old. My dad is still my hero today.

Don't let life sneak up on you. If your parents, brothers or sisters are still with you take time to call and let em' know you care about them. One more thing. If you have old friends and are able to contact them, do so, it can make your day.

My recent connection with two old friends from the past, Butch and Johnny made it possible to relive some great 50 year old memories.

What's Next for All About Vinyl Records"?

I will be unavailable to return emails from March 1st until about March 6th. I will still get your emails I just will not be able to answer between those dates.

It's amazing at the number of young adults that write to me and tell me how much they love these oldies.

I believe many have grown tired of the violent lyrics in some of today's music and have recently found the music many of us grew up with in the fifties. I'm happy for them.

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Have a great month.


Danny Sandrik

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