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Vinyl Records newsletter No. 15
January 20, 2013

Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter
Issue 015, January 20, 2013


Vinyl Record Lovers brings you the latest additions to one man's passion and experiences from "collecting vinyl records."

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Vinyl Record Lovers

Issue #015, January 20, 2013

---What's new at all-about-vinylrecords?

---Vinyl record sales in Japan.

---Put A Nickel in the Jukebox and Bring Back Patti Page.

---Who said "I could never imagine an "Old" Elvis Presley."

---The Beatles then and now.

---Musical Genius Brian Wilson

---Vinyl Record Memories - Old friends.

---Just for Laffs!

---What's Next for All About vinyl records?

Welcome to my Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter and thank you for subscribing. I do appreciate the time you take to read my newsletter.

What's New at all about vinyl records?

Some of my readers that use the Firefox browser have contacted me about the refresh issue on my site. When using Firefox or any browser, it should not be necessary to refresh videos to view them.

The tech crews at my host and video host are both working on it. I use all three browsers for comparison and right now Firefox is the only one not viewing my videos correctly, so I believe it may be a script problem with my host.

Japan Vinyl Record Sales double in 2012!

Sales of vinyl records have almost doubled this past year in Japan. The Recording Industry Association of Japan says 418,000 vinyl records, worth more than 7 million dollars, were shipped between January and November.

The figure includes imported discs and is about double the total for 2011.

My favorite Japaneese song will always be "Sukiyaki" and became a #1 hit during the summer of 1963. If you want to check out the song you can view it here.

For me "The Tennessee Waltz" has stopped.

It was 1955 and I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV at 1146 Noyes Ave, Hamilton, Ohio when The Patti Page Show came on and she began singing a song to me.

I know she was singing to me because I was about six inches from that small B&W TV screen and she couldn't possibly see anyone else in that room but me:)

The song was "How much is that Doggie in the Window" a #1 hit for Patti Page in 1953.

As I got older the "Tennessee Waltz" became my favorite song by Patti Page, and for many years was the second-best-selling record of all time (behind only "White Christmas).

She was perhaps the preeminent female crooner of the immediate postwar era.

Patti Page died on New Year's Day and it made me think of a tribute song recorded in 1978 entitled "Put A Nickel in the Jukebox and Bring Back Patti Page."

Pat Boone on Elvis' death in 1977.

Elvis Presley was born January 8th, 1935 at his parent's home, a two-room house built by his father at 306 Old Saltillo Road, East Tupelo, Mississippi.

Pat Boone said right after his death "I could never imagine an old Elvis Presley."

Elvis is my very favorite entertainer of all time and would have been 78 this year. I still have original newspapers and articles from 1977 dated the following day of Elvis' death.

Beatles vinyl records - The ones you wish you had saved.

50 years ago the Beatles released "Please, Please Me." Here are a couple of Beatles vinyl albums that were sold in 2012 for big bucks.

Beatles 1963 "Please, Please Me" was sold April 18, 2012. A fierce ten-day bidding war ended with this signed Beatles album fetching $24,675. Oddly, this scarce album was not a hit when it was first released in America.

The 1966 Beatles "Butcher" Album is very rare and sold on eBay October 26, 2012 for $15,100. The formerly controversial record and sleeve were in extrodinary condition.

A Special note to my Newsletter friends Edward and Shirley. You can send one of those above albums my way if they are in your collection:)

Musical Genius - Brian Wilson - Keyboard players take note!

During an "An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson," on March 29, 2001 at Radio City Music Hall, Elton John first sings "God Only Knows," then returns to the stage for the night's unsurpassed performance.

Before Brian launches into "wouldn't it be nice if we were older and we wouldn't have to wait so long," Elton John says:

"There's been so many words spoken about the brilliance of Brian Wilson. For a keyboard player, like myself, he changed the goal posts when it came to writing songs."

"I'm getting very technical here, but he was one of the first people to move the root note on a chord, and play with the third or the fifth on the bass. And that, if you're a songwriter and a keyboard player, was revolutionary."

"I have so many great memories of listening to his music … and when you heard "Pet Sounds," it blew your head off."

"I'm truly humbled to be on stage with a genius, and a dear, dear man, Brian Wilson."

Vinyl Record Memories - Old friends

It was December 31, 2012 and I was searching for some photos on my computer when I came across some pictures of my old Junior High School in Hamilton, Ohio. In a couple of those files were photos of one of my good buddies from those memory filled school days. I decided to email this old friend I had not heard from in over fifty years.

A few days later I received a return email from Butch, one of my best friends from the Junior High School we all just called GW (George Washington JHS). What a wonderful email he wrote.

He mentioned how he remembered us playing all the vinyl records that we listened to during that time (records I still have today) and how my mom used to drive us to the school dances at old GW.

This was one of the reasons I started this oldies site. Having these old songs in our lives provides us with memories and connects us with the emotions and special feelings that reflects back on those "Cool" times and old friends like Butch.

To most I guess this may seem silly reliving old memories and contacting friends from the past but it is something that warms the heart to know first of all they're still with us, have had a good life and can remember those special times from the fifties.

I could tell by his email that Butch was equally excited to hear from his old friend after 50 years....and also to find out that I was still living:)

He sent me a photo of both of us together with our girlfriends taken at a prom dance at that junior high school.

With his email and that photo Butch rekindled fond old memories of special friends that I will cherish always.

Take time to contact your old friends from the past and then ask them to spend some time in my vinyl record world and relive your favorite memories.

Just for Laffs!

The movie "Lincoln" was recently released so I thought I would add something I read in a Random House Book many years ago.

"When Abraham Lincoln was your age," the father told his son, "he used to walk 10 miles every day to get to school." "Really?" the kid said. "Well, when he was your age, he was president."

What's Next for All About Vinyl Records"?

When I got the email from Butch he said he looked at my website and was surprised there was no Buddy Holly on any of my pages as he remembered Holley made a big impact on me in those early years.

I have lots of info on Buddy Holly and he did indeed have a big impact on me in the fifties so I'll add Buddy to my "finish next" list.

It's been over a month now that a page on "Angel Baby" was requested by Shirley and Edward as the song has special memories for them.

The "Angel Baby" song page is still in process but I do have a live video and I've been waiting for a reply from the original singer, Rosie Hamlin, to see if I could get some info others do not have. Stay tuned, Rosie and the Originals is on the way.

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Danny Sandrik

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