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Vinyl Records newsletter No. 12
August 05, 2012

Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter
Issue 012, August 3rd, 2012


Vinyl Record Lovers brings you the latest additions to one man's passion and experiences from "collecting vinyl records."

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Vinyl Record Lovers

Issue #012, August 2nd, 2012

---What's new at all-about-vinylrecords?

---New Home Page Video

---American Graffiti - Where were you in '62?

---Some really cool vinyl art - you gotta love this...

---What's next for all-about-vinylrecords.

What's New at all about vinyl records?

Welcome to my Vinyl Record Lovers Newsletter and thank you for subscribing. I do appreciate the time you take to read my newsletter.

I finally changed the Look & Feel of my site. Hope you like the new look and color combinations. If you have comments, let me know. Still working on a Picture for the top header.

I'm changing all pages over from one template to another so sometimes IE and Firefox show sites differently.

I build the site in Firefox but I do check it in Internet Explorer so you should not notice any difference during the change over.

I was asked recently to do a page on "Country Charley Pride." I had already written a partial article about him but had never finished it.

I love his music and have three of Charley's albums, so I started with one of my favorite songs by Charley, "Roll on Mississippi."

If you would like to view that page now, Please Click here. His golden baritone voice makes this page worth the visit.

What Else?

I found a video of my favorite country lady, Dolly Parton, when she was younger and singing my favorite song. I explain on her song page, You're the Only One, how I spent many nights alone with Dolly and the video shows how she looked in 1979.

So fellows, try to keep "Your Eyes" on her big beautiful eyes while watching this video:)

The Mystery Train page has been updated and the videos enlarged so you can view them better.

New Home Page Video:

Always like to get some input from my readers. I added a video to my Home page and was thinking that I might change that video from say, week to week or maybe every other week. Here's my thinking on that.

I could add a video and let visitors know that this would be the preview video for a page I am currently editing, but have not yet completed.

When the page is finished it would match the video. I got a link to my contact page at the bottom if you care to pitch in and make any comments on that. Just something I'm thinking about.

Where were you in '62?

When the movie "American Graffiti" came out in 1973 it showed everyone just how special the 50s and 60s really were, and how fast things changed.

Maybe you can recall in 1973 when you watched this movie, everyone referred to the music as oldies, myself included.

You have a movie made in 1973 about Crusin' around on a night in 1962. That's eleven years difference yet it seemed like 30 years. People were nostalgic about something that happened only a few years earlier.

Think about it. Would music from 2001 be considered by folks today as oldies? I don't think so.

I still have my original American Graffiti vinyl double album in like new condition. I sure wish I could use that Car Hop on the cover for my Header page at the top of my new website. Where were You in '62?

I graduated from high school that year.....Garfield Senior High in Hamilton, Ohio. Anyone from that area?

Really Cool Vinyl Art:

While looking over my favorite blog I came across this really cool website. Artist Daniel Edlen paints famous entertainers on a vinyl record. He has an online gallery you can look at. Visit his website and view these cool paintings right here

What are we doing next:

"Heart and Soul" by The Cleftones, 16 Candles and several other oldies are on schedule for the Oldies Music Lyrics page.

I also had a request for more Rockabilly songs. One of my readers said there wasn't enough Rockabilly music. That's the type music She listens to the most. I'm working on it:)

Don't miss out on My favorite vinyl record Blog:

If you're into Vinyl Records and want good quality content, be sure to visit Collecting Vinyl My friend Robert Benson puts a lot into his blog. You will not be disappointed.

Do you have some favorites?

If you have any favorite vinyl record topics you'd like to see on this site, Please Click here and enter your information in the contact form.

I'll respond withing 24 hours.

Have a great month...see you around the first Wednesday of each month.


Danny Sandrik

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